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Events in St. Petersburg in April 2019

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Spring comes to St. Petersburg in April. Tourists are much more interesting this month. Navigation begins in the second half of the month on the Neva River. This means that you can again go on a river excursion, as well as see the opening of bridges. The fountains start working at the end of the month in the city and in Peterhof.

St. Petersburg International Motor Show

Dates: 04 - 07 April 2019.

St. Petersburg International Motor Show will be attended by Russian and foreign car manufacturers, and manufacturers of components and accessories for motor vehicles. Goods and services will be presented also on the exhibition. You can see the new world leading brands and the Russian car industry products.

Venue: Congress and Exhibition Center EXPOFORUM.

Cosmonautics Day in the Peter and Paul Fortress

April 12 - 14, 2019.

Cosmonautics Day is celebrated on April 12 in Russia. The Museum of Cosmonautics is located in the Peter and Paul Fortress. Entrance to the Museum of Cosmonautics and Rocket Technology on April 12 and 14 from 11.00 to 18.00 will be free of charge. Various activities are planned for adults and children.
April 12 at 14.00 - opening of the exhibition “Habitat. In space and under water."
April 14, from 12.00 to 16.00, the city holiday - Cosmonautics Day in the Peter and Paul Fortress.
Indicative launches of models of rockets on the helipad.
Nearest metro station: Gorkovskaya.

Antique Exhibition

12 - 14 April 2019.

Antique exhibition in St. Petersburg. An event for people interested in antiques. At the exhibition you can see: painting, jewelry, antique books, antique furniture, porcelain, lamps, sculpture, painting and other antiques.
At the exhibition you can consult with experts, get advice on the cost of antiques.

Location: SKK Petersburg.

International Exhibition Design & Decor

Dates: April 18 - 20, 2019.

The exhibition "Design & Decor" for professionals and those who are interested in design, decor, interior design, architecture. Some of the themes of the exhibition: finishing materials, paints, interior items, accessories, wallpaper, lighting, partitions, forged products, art glass, office interior. The event will be interesting to professional architects and designers.

Venue: ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Center, Pavilion H.
The nearest metro station: Moskovskaya.

St. Petersburg International Motorcycle Exhibition

April 19 - 21, 2019. The motorcycle show IMIS 2020 and the extreme show "Evolution", April 3-5, "Expoforum" - is postponed to June 5-7.

International Exhibition for motorcycle enthusiasts IMIS 2019 will be held in St. Petersburg. Major global brands, manufacturers of exclusive products for motorcyclists will take part. You can see the new models of motorcycles, clothing for motorcyclists, equipment, lubricants and more.
Also during the exhibition: retro motorcycles, stunt-riding, motofreestyle, mototrial, works of custom workshops. Ticket cost 350 rubles.
Location: St. Petersburg exhibition center LENEXPO.

125th anniversary of the Russian Museum

Date: April 25, 2020.
125 years since the foundation of the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg. On this day, the museum plans to organize various events, admission to which may be free.
See also: Russian Museum in St. Petersburg.

Exhibition "Fashion Industry"

Dates: April 24 - 26, 2019.

International Exhibition of Light and Textile Industry "Fashion Industry". The exhibition will be attended by companies that develop, produce and sell fashionable clothing, shoes, textiles, accessories.

Venue: Expoforum.

Products for the summer season

Dates: April 25 - 28, 2019.

Exhibition - Fair "Everything for Summer"! For those who are preparing for the summer season! You will be able to see fashion news, update summer wardrobe. Travel ticket you can buy yourself, online.
Venue: Lenexpo.


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