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Spoiled holiday with a tour agency

Submitted by Visit Plus on Wed, 02/01/2012 - 18:15

Tourism and travel have become a very popular way of spending free time
in many countries in recent years. Residents of many northern countries like to go on holiday to the south in the winter. Swim in the warm sea in winter, when snow and frost is in homeland is especially nice. Trips to Thailand, to Spain, the island of Bali, the Canary Islands or Cuba are popular among residents of Sweden, Norway, Finland and Russia. Unfortunately not always holidays are fun. Recently, thousands of Russians holidays were ruined.

January 27 is one of the oldest and largest Russian tour operators - the company "Lanta-Tour Voyage," said the suspension of its activities. At this time, under permits from this company in different countries are rested a few thousand tourists. The company could not pay for accommodation of its customers in hotels. Hotels in Thailand refused to release their clients, demanding pay the bills. Thailand arrested the head of the local representation, "Lanta-Tour". Problems arose from the citizens of Russia were in Mexico, Vietnam, Cuba. Many tourists were unable to fly out of airports, their tickets were not paid. In Moscow there was an attack on the office of the company. In the situation had to intervene to Vladimir Putin.
Vladimir Putin was able to convince the bank "VTB" (Vneshtorgbank) to allocate credit for travel companies to Russian citizens were able to return home. Debts tour operator "Lanta-Tour" to partners and tourists account for 40 million dollars.

colosseum The company "Lanta-Tour Voyage" was established in 1991. The company specializes in outbound tourism group and individual tours of 25 destinations in Europe, Southeast Asia, the Caribbean and the United States. The company booking hotels, car hire, tours and transportation service, order tickets for the show and in theaters. The company is a leader in the following areas: France, Czech Republic, Vietnam, India, Italy, Indonesia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Thailand, United States.

Recently, the tourism business in Russia gets in difficult situation. The last good year was 2009. Russian citizens rushed to buy only cheap things to do (because of low incomes). Travel agencies have been forced to cut prices. Often the travel agency did not receive profits from their work. The airline "Aeroflot" travel agent stopped selling tickets on credit. The company "Lanta-Tour" turned in the bank for a loan, but could not get it. The company declared bankruptcy. Most tour companies and hotels in Thailand have refused to cooperate with the "Lanta-Tour" in November 2011.


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