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United Kingdom

United Kingdom flag UK is one of the most visiting countries in the world. Every year to the UK come about 30 million foreign tourists from different countries. Among the foreign tourists visiting United Kingdom most part are citizens of U.S., France and Germany. Residents of the UK are travel lovers too.

The centuries-old history of the United Kingdom, its achievements in economy, culture and art, has made this country one of the most influential countries in the world. English language is one of the most popular in the world. During his heyday British Empire occupied territory about one-fourth of the planet's surface. UK is one of the most interesting and influential countries in the world now. Here come a lot of tourists, politicians, businessmen and students from around the world.

United Kingdom

London Vestminter Palace Great Britain is one of the largest states in the Europe. The state is located in the British Isles, washed by the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea. South-eastern coast is located at distance about 35 km from the northern coast of France. Great Britain is separated from the mainland by the English Channel. The population of Britain is nearly 60 million people. The area of the country is approximately 244,000 square kilometers. The state consists of four parts (countries): England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The capital of the United Kingdom, London, is one of the largest cities in the Europe.

Travel to United Kingdom

UK is one of the most attractive tourist countries in Europe. About 30 million foreign tourists come to Britain every year. In 2011, Britain received income from foreign tourists more than 17.7 billion pounds. Approximately 40% of tourists come to the UK for the holydays (11.9 million in 2011). Business trips accounts for about 20% of the total. Approximately 8.8 million people arrived in 2011 to friends or relatives. Such visits also have a longer stay.

From which countries tourists most often visit the UK?
According to the 2010 statistic, among the tourists most of all are residents of France (12.1%), Germany (10.1%) and USA (9.1%). (In 2011 the share of tourists from the United States increased to 12%). At the same time tourists from the United States spends in the UK most of all money. They bring the UK about the same amount of money as tourists from France and Germany together.

What type of transport tourists choose?
Approximately 70% of visitors come to the UK by plane. About one-seventh of the tourists choose a ferry, and a little less come by train, using Eurotunnel. Most tourists come to the UK in the period from June to September.

Which regions and cities of Great Britain are most popular among foreign tourists?
About half of foreign tourists choose as a goal of his journey London (about 14.7 million tourists in 2011). It is most popular tourist’s destination in Great Britain. Slightly fewer are visiting other places in England. Approximately 2.4 million tourists visited Scotland in 2010. A much smaller number arrives to the other parts of the UK.

The most popular sights and attractions of Great Britain

Stonehenge Attractions of London are the most visited by tourist’s places in UK. Read about the most popular places in the British capital on the page about London. Other popular places in UK are listed below. It is shown the number of visitors in 2009.

Roman Baths. 1.196 million visitors. Roman Baths (thermae) in Bath. The well-preserved from Roman times .Ancient Roman baths complex are one of the most famous sights of Great Britain. The city is located about 13 miles (21 km) south-east of Bristol. Distance to London is about 180 kilometers. There are also other interesting sights in the city.

Canterbury Cathedral. 1.013 million visitors. The Canterbury Cathedral in Canterbury city, a district of Kent. It is one of the oldest and most famous Christian structures in England. Cathedral is the main temple of the UK.

Canterbury is a small city, located in the south-east of England. It is situated in Kent, at a distance of 85 kilometers in the south-east of London.

Stonehenge. 0.99 million visitors. Stonehenge is one of the oldest created by people object in the UK. The monument of the ancient culture included in UNESCO World Heritage Site list. It consists from earth and stone structures, and was built presumably for ritual purpose. Monument is located in Wiltshire, approximately 130 kilometers in south-west of London, about 13 miles north of Salisbury. Stonehenge construction was started presumably around 3020-2910 BC.

Most visited by foreign tourists cities of the UK

London, United Kingdom. The capital of Great Britain is the most visited tourist city in the country.

Edinburgh. Edinburgh is the second most visited by foreign tourists' city of Great Britain. This is the second largest city in Scotland. Edinburgh is located on the east coast of Scotland, at distance about 47 miles from Glasgow and 332 miles (535 km) from London. The driving distance from Edinburgh to London is about 400 miles. The city population is over 460,000 people (including 62,000 students). From late June to early September, a series of various festivals are held in Edinburgh. At this time, the city's population doubled due to arriving tourists. Every year Edinburgh attracts about 13 million tourists.
Edinburgh Airport is the busiest airport in Scotland. The airport serves more than nine million passengers a year. Edinburgh Waverley railway station is main railway station of the city. Trains arrive here from London and other UK cities.

Manchester. Manchester is the third by the number of foreign tourist town of Great Britain. The town's population is about 500,000 people. Manchester is one of the most important scientific, industrial and cultural center of UK. Here was built world's first railway station; here the first time scientists have divided the atom. Manchester is located on the north-west of England, approximately 50 kilometers (30 miles) from Liverpool and 370 kilometers (204 miles) from London. Manchester Airport is the largest international airport in the UK (after London).

Birmingham. Birmingham is the second biggest city in the UK. Here live more than one million people. Birmingham is located in the West Midlands, at a distance about 200 kilometers (120 miles) north-west of London.



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