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The new water park in St. Petersburg

Submitted by Visit Plus on Thu, 03/15/2012 - 11:08

In St. Petersburg, has recently opened a new water park "Piterlend." This is the third large water park in St. Petersburg. Soon next to the water park will be built hotel. As reported on the water park site, Water Park will attract customers who are currently travel to vacation in Finland.
In recent years it has become profitable to make purchases on sales in shopping centers of St. Petersburg. Sometimes the prices in stores are lower than in Finland. It is possible that in the coming years, customers from Russia in Finland will be less.

Finland visited by a large number of tourists from Russia. This is mainly the inhabitants of St. Petersburg, Leningrad Region and Moscow. Each year, the Russians left in shops, hotels and water parks of Finland, millions of dollars. Received from Russian clients money helped Finland survive the crisis. But Russia wants to create conditions for the rest of Russians in Russia, as well as attract more foreign tourists.


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