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Map of Turku

Tourists map the city of Turku, Finland. On the map is shown the location interesting for tourist places: attractions, museums, hotels.

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Map shows location of some popular tourist places in Turku :
Logomo is a cultural center in Turku. Exhibition and event facilities in addition to Logomo a restaurant, as well as premises for companies and artists.
Turku Cathedral.
Turku Cathedral is the country's national shrine.
The Port of Turku.
Port of Turku is located in the south-west of Finland. Port handles passangers traffic between Turku and Stockholm and the Åland Islands.
University of Turku.
The University of Turku is the second largest university in the country by student enrollment, after University of Helsinki.
Sokos Hamburger Börs Hotel.
Sokos Hamburger Börs hotel is located in the city center, near the market square.
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