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Helsinki Senate Hellsten Hotel

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3 star hotell Helsinki
“Helsinki Senate” Helsten Hotel is located in the heart of Helsinki, close to the coast, at cape Katajanokka. The hotel has 52 rooms. It offers single and double rooms equipped with its own small kitchen, and a penthouse with a total area of 160 square meters is designed to accommodate up to 4 people.

The rooms also have fridges and accessories for tea and coffee. The hotel has a launderette, in which there are washing machines, ironing supplies (laundry detergent can be purchased at a nearby store). There is paid parking. Arriving in Helsinki, business people often use the hotel for longer stays. In the long term accommodation may be used special prices.

Near the hotel are located the Uspenski Cathedral, Market Square, the Houses of Parliament and all the major attractions of the city center. Nearby is also jetty from which ferries (Viking Line and Tallink Silja) go to Stockholm and Tallinn.

Please note: The hotel does not have around the clock staff! After booking, please check with the administration and specify the time of your arrival, and the rules of access to the room.

From the hotel guests reviews: Great location, close to the center, quiet area, underground parking, a large comfortable 2-room apartment with kitchen. Expensive parking, there are complaints about the problems with obtaining an access code (key).

Address: Street Kauppiaankatu 5, 00160 Helsinki, Finland.

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