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The Grand Cascade

Submitted by Visit Plus on Mon, 07/09/2012 - 13:12

The “Grand Cascade” is the most beautiful and large complex of fountains in Peterhof. The “Grand Cascade” is located next to the Grand Peterhof Palace, in the “Lower Park”. There are a large number of gold-covered sculptural figures. The decision to build made the Emperor Peter the Great. Construction began in May 1716. Ceremonial start the Grand Cascade fountains took place in August 1723. As part of the Grand Cascade are: Large Grotto, side stages, the “Basket” fountain, “Small grotto” and the “Samson” fountain (Samson rending the lion's mouth). From this place begins the canal linking the Great Cascade with the sea.

Peterhof is a place that should be visited by all tourists in St. Petersburg.

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