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Interesting places and attractions in Malmö

What places in Malmö are most popular with tourists? One of the essential places to visit is the Old Town (Gamla Staden). The old town can be reached from Malmö Central Station on foot.

Three squares in the center of Malmo are the most famous. It's “Great Square” (Big Square, Stortorget), Gustavus Adolphus square (Gustav Adolfs torg) and Little Square (Lilla torg).

On the “Great Square” (Stortorget) is located a monument to Charles X Gustav. On the square also is Malmö City Hall building, which was built in 1546. The distance from the Central railway station to the Stortorget square is approximately 300 meters.

Lillitorg square (Lilla torg, Little square) is located near the main city square, a little south-west of it (the two squares are almost touching by its corners). The square is surrounded by old houses that were built in 17-18 centuries.

The Gustavus Adolphus square (Gustav Adolfs torg) is located at a distance about 200 meters from the “Lilla torg” square. From the “Stortorget” square to the “Gustav Adolfs torg” square lay pedestrian street Södergatan (South Street). This is one of the oldest streets in the city. The street became a pedestrian zone in 1978. On this street is the original sculpture “Optimistorkestern”, which was established in 1985 by sculptor Yngve Lundell.

On the streets and squares of the city center you will find many shops and cafes. In this area are located also a lot of hotels. Tourists and local residents like to spend time here.

Other attractions in Malmo

The castle of Malmo (Malmöhus Castle) is located just west from Old Town, near the Slottsparken Park. The castle was built in 1437. It was destroyed later and rebuild again in 1530. The castle was one of the most important military fortifications in Denmark. For a long time the fortress was used as a prison. At present, there are located a historical museum, art museum, an aquarium and a terrarium.

“Folkets Park” is the second largest by number of visitors’ park in Sweden. This is one of the favorite places for leisure time for city residents. According to statistics, every year the park visits more than 2.5 million people. Here is an amusement park with a large selection of attractions for the whole family. The park is located at a distance of less than 1 kilometer to south of the Old city.

Turning Torso skyscraper was built in 2005 and has since become one of the attractions of the city. Building height is 190 meters. It is the tallest residential building in Scandinavia. The building is located next to the Oresund Strait, to west from Old Town and Central railway station. The original, screw-shaped silhouette of the building is a symbol of the city.



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