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Finland Station in Saint Petersburg

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Finland station Finland Station (Finlyandky Voksal, Финляндский вокзал) is one of the railway stations in St. Petersburg. “Finlandski voksal” railway station serves trains to the north-western districts of the Leningrad region, to settlements Vyborg, Priosersk, Primorsk, Beloostrov (via Sestroreck), Kuznechnoye. The station serves also high-speed passenger trains Allegro, the route St. Petersburg - Helsinki (Finland).

The station was opened in 1870. The station was serving Finnish railroad passengers that linked St. Petersburg and Rihimyaki station (Finland). The Finland Station building was built in 1960.

  • Vladimir Lenin arrived to Finland Station 3 April 1917 while he came back from exile.
  • The locomotive, which brought Lenin to Russia, was installed at the station in 1957 (the gift of the Government of Finland to the Soviet Union).
  • Square in front of the Finland Station is called Lenin Square (the same name has the nearby metro station).
  • Interesting fact: The station was opened on the Simbirskaya street in 1870. Lenin was born in Simbirsk city the same year.

Allegro high-speed train goes daily between cities Helsinki and St. Petersburg. This is the fastest way to travel between the capital of Finland and St. Petersburg. Travel time is 3 hours 30 minutes. Trains run with stops at stations Vyborg, Vainikkala, Kouvola, Lahti and Tikkurila.

Finland Station is located on the right bank of the Neva River, near the Lenin Square.
Address: Russia, Saint Petersburg, Lenin Square, 6.
“Ploshchad Lenina” metro station lobby is located in the Finland Station building.
It is possible to get to city center from the “Finnland station” also by bus or trolley (eg, trolley number 3).

The nearest metro station is Ploshchad Lenina.

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