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Bridge across the Golden Horn Bay in Vladivostok

Submitted by Visit Plus on Fri, 09/07/2012 - 23:07

Cable-stayed bridge across the Golden Horn Bay in Vladivostok was officially opened on 11 August 2012. Golden Horn Bay divides the city Vladivostok into two parts and prevents movement between the two parts of the city. The idea of building a bridge across the Golden Horn was launched in the late XIX century. But for a long time, the construction of the bridge was not started. Construction of the bridge began in 2008 and it was finished in 2012.

Bridge parameters

  • Length of the bridge - 1 388.09 meters.
  • Number of traffic lanes - 6.
  • Length of the main span of the bridge - 737 meters.
  • Height of the pylons of the bridge on the level of foundation grills - 226.25 meters

Golden Horn is the bay of Sea of Japan. Vladivostok is located on the shores of the bay. Bay is a convenient place for ships.

In 2012 also was completed the construction of the bridge over the Eastern Bosphorus Strait. The bridge connects the Vladivostok to "Russian island". Bridge to the Russian island has the world's longest cable-stayed span of bridges (span length 1104 meters).

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