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Choral Chapel of Saint Petersburg

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“State Academic Choral Capella of Saint Petersburg” is a concert organization, which includes Russia's oldest professional choir and a symphony orchestra. “Choir Capella” occupies several buildings in the city center. Its buildings have facades at “Moika River” embankment 20, and the other at “Bolshaya Konyushennaya” street 11.

“State Academic Choir Chapel of Saint Petersburg” is oldest professional musical institution in Russia. Choir dates back to the mid-15th century. In 1479 by order of Grand Prince Ivan III was created “The sovereign's Choir of singing clerks”, which in 1701 was renamed the “Court choir”, and in 1763 was named “Imperial Court Kapella”.

Choir gave concerts in many cities of Russia, as well as in Germany, France, Ireland, Spain, Greece, Slovenia, Serbia, Austria, Korea and the USA.

“Capella Concert Hall” has excellent acoustic properties. The hall was built in 1889 by architect Benoit (during refurbishment of the Chapel).
An important element is the concert hall is organ. German “Walcker” organ was installed in the hall of the Chapel in 1927, and before that was in the Dutch Reformed Church of Saint Petersburg. The organ has 57 registers, 3 manuals, more than 4500 pipes.

Capella Symphony Orchestra of St. Petersburg has successfully performed in many countries around the world. Symphony Orchestra of Capella considers enforcement of Russian music as their main task.

Address: Moika Embankment 20, St. Petersburg, Russia. (Look for location on the map.)

The nearest metro stations: Nevsky Prospekt (distance 560 meters), Admiralteiskaya (560 meters).

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