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Pushkin town

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Pushkin is a small town located just south of St. Petersburg. It is widely known and popular with tourists due to its parks and the famous Catherine Palace. Until 1918 the town was called Tsarskoye Selo, from 1918 to 1937 – Detskoye Selo. Pushkin is located at a distance about 25 kilometers south of the center of St. Petersburg (Palace Square). The distance from the ring road is about 11 kilometers. Do not be confused: there is the city with a similar name Pushkino near Moscow.

Pushkin town was included in the list of monuments protected by UNESCO (as a part of St. Petersburg's historical center). The city's population is about 100 thousand people.

The city was founded in 1710 as an imperial country residence “Tsarskoye Selo”. Tsarskoye Selo means tsar village. Locality became a city in 1808. "Tsarskoye Selo" museum is located in the city. The best-known parts of the museum are Catherine Park, Catherine Palace and other buildings and parks.

Swedish manor was located on the future city place until the early 18th century. Emperor Peter I presented this place to his future wife Martha Skavronskaia (the future Empress Catherine the First) June 13, 1710. This date is considered as the founding of the city day.

A small two-storey stone building was built here in 1718 - 1724's.
In the reign of Elizabeth Tsarskoye Selo was imperial residence. In 1740 - 1750-ies a small palace of Catherine I was rebuilt. Architect Rastrelli led the reconstruction of Catherine Palace since 1751 till 1756. As a result, a magnificent palace and large the park was built in Tsarskoye Selo.

Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum was located in a wing of the Catherine Palace from 1811 to 1843. In this school lived and studied in 1811 – 1817. He later became a famous poet. The city was named in honor of the poet February 10, 1937.

The first in the Russian Empire Tsarskoselskaya railway was built between this place and St. Petersburg in 1837. During the Second World War the city was occupied by German troops, who destroyed or damaged many buildings of the palace.

Parks and Palaces

Alexandrovsky Park is located north-west of the Catherine Park. The park has an area of 120 hectares. The park consists of the regular part and landscape parks. Alexandrovsky Palace is located in the park.

Alexandrovsky Palace is located approximately 400 meters to north of the Catherine Palace. The palace was built in 1792-1796 by the architect Quarenghi.

Catherine Park is located in front of the facade of the Catherine Palace. The park covers an area of 107 hectares. The park consists of a regular old garden and landscape English park. Several ponds and a large number of pavilions are located in the park.

Catherine Palace

The Catherine Palace is the oldest and most famous building in the Pushkin town. It luxury has strong impression on palace visitors. You can find out how Russian emperors lived after visiting the palace.

Catherine Palace is one of the largest royal palaces in the vicinity of St. Petersburg. The palace construction began in 1717 on the orders of Russian Empress Catherine. It was a small two-storey palace, which had only 16 rooms.

In 1752, by order of Empress Elizabeth began reworking of the palace under the direction of architect Rastrelli. The result is a large palace still amazes visitors with its luxury.
The ballroom is the largest ceremonial room of the palace. This room area of 800 square meters intended for official receptions and celebrations, dinners, balls and masquerades.

The Amber Room

Amber Room is a world-famous chamber decorated in amber panels backed with gold leaf and mirrors, located in the Catherine Palace. The panels of the Amber Room were made at the beginning of the XVIII century in Prussia. It was given by the Prussian King Frederick William I to his then ally, Tsar Peter the Great in 1716. In 1755, the Amber Room was installed in the Catherine Palace.

During the Second World War, parts of the interior of the Amber Room were taken by German troops. The subsequent room fate was unknown. In 1979, efforts were undertaken to rebuild the Amber Room at Tsarskoye Selo. In 2003, after decades of work by Russian craftsmen and donations from Germany, the reconstructed Amber Room was inaugurated at the Catherine Palace.

The Catherine Palace sometimes held private events (Shooting the film, banquets, weddings). In those days, the palace is closed to the public. Check the information on the official website of the museum:

How to get to the museum Tsarskoye Selo?

By car from St. Petersburg on the Pulkovo highway or Vitebsky Avenue. The distance from the ring road is about 11 kilometers.

From Vitebsky railway station of St. Petersburg by train to the "Tsarskoye Selo" station and then the bus №371, 382 to "Tsarskoye Selo" Museum. (Distance from train station is about 2.5 km.)

From the metro station "Moskovskaya" by minibus K286, K287, K342, K347 and K545 to the "Tsarskoye Selo" Museum.

From metro stations "Zvezdnaya" or "Kupchino" by bus №186 to "Tsarskoye Selo" Museum.

From the metro station "Kupchino" minibus K-545a, K-286, K-287 and K-347a.

Address: St. Petersburg Pushkin, Sadovaya Street, Building 7.

You can check the location of the museum Tsarskoye Selo on the map of St. Petersburg.

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Information on ticket prices and working hours of museums and parks in the town of Pushkin (St Petersburg) summer 2011.

Catherine Palace

Open 10.00-18.00 daily except Tuesdays and the last Monday of each month.

Service of individual tourists during national and school holidays and during high season (from May to September) performed from 12.00 to 14.00 and from 16.00 to 17.00.
Ticket prices: Adults – 320 roubles, students (with ID) – 160 roubles, school children – 100 roubles.

Catherine Park

Open daily 7.00-21.00. Ticketed admission: May-October, 9.00-18.00
Adults – 100 roubles, students (with ID) and school children – 50 roubles, pre-school children – free.

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