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Travel is getting more expensive! What should travel lovers expect?

Submitted by Visit Plus on Fri, 01/05/2024 - 19:38

We all love to travel. (This is a website for travel lovers.) We love visiting new places, countries, cities. But not all locals are happy with tourists. While they spend their time at hard work, we walk around their cities. Although locals can't get rid of travelers, they can make us pay for the pleasure.

Additional taxes on tourists are already in place in many cities around the world. But in 2024 we will pay more. Many cities and countries are increasing tourism taxes or even introducing entry fees.

In Greece, taxes on tourists will be significantly increased in 2024. In the period from March to October, you will have to pay an additional 1.5 euros per night in a 1* - 2* hotel, 3 euros for a three-star hotel, 7 euros for a four-star hotel, and 10 euros for a five-star hotel. (The tax rate is lower from November to February.) The fact that the tax is now called something else (the Climate Crisis Resilience Fee) does not make a significant difference to tourists.

It looks like Amsterdam will have the highest tourist tax in Europe. Tourists will have to pay up to 12.5% of the cost of an overnight stay at a hotel.

The Olympic Games will be held in Paris in 2024. This could be a reason to significantly increase tourists’ spending (both on taxes and on transport).

In Venice, day-trippers will have to pay extra when entering the city in the summer of 2024. You will pay 5 euros per person through the digital portal for collection with a QR code. For now, this is being presented as an “experiment.”

Barcelona plans to increase its tourist tax from April 2024.

Iceland will introduce a tourist tax in 2024.

Great Britain! From this year, visitors from Europe will also need to apply for a fee for an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) to the UK. Whether you get a permit or not, you will have to pay £7.

The EU is following the UK's lead. Non-EU travelers will need to register with ETIAS and pay €7 per person from (presumably) 2025.

In St. Petersburg (Russia), tourists will pay an additional approximately 1 euro per night starting January 2024.

We travelers certainly got the signal. Many of us will travel less. We will choose those destinations that welcome tourists. Moreover, these are, as a rule, new and interesting tourist destinations. We will also travel more short distances within our region. And everyone will be happy in this case, both tourists and local residents.

Although there are cities and countries that question the usefulness (and moral justice) of additional payments for tourists. Kazakhstan has decided to abolish the bed tax for tourists. Proposals to abolish additional taxes for tourists were heard from both Valencia and England. Where it leads? Towards a shrinking travel industry in the coming years.


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