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"Leningradsky Voksal" railway station

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Leningradsky railway station (Leningradsky Rail Terminal, Ленинградский вокзал) is the oldest railway station in Moscow. It is one of nine railway stations of the city. Long-distance trains depart from the Leningradsky station to the north-west regions of Russia. The station serves trains leaving to the cities (coming from the cities): St. Petersburg, Pskov, Novgorod, Tver, Murmansk, Petrozavodsk and in Estonia (Tallinn) and Finland (Helsinki).

Leningradsky railway station

High-speed trains "Sapsan" run between Moskovsky railway station in St. Petersburg and Leningradsky railway station in Moscow. It is the fastest way to travel From St. Petersburg to Moscow. The journey takes about 4 hours.

Leningradsky railway station is located at a distance about three kilometers north-east of the Kremlin and Red Square. The station building is located in the northern part of the Komsomolskaya Square, next to Yaroslavsky station. Between the buildings of Leningradsky and Yaroslavsky stations are located Komsomolskaya metro station lobby.

"Leningradsky" railway station is located on Komsomolskaya Square. (There are three railway stations at Komsomolskaya Square: Leningradsky, Kazansky and Yaroslavsky stations. It is why Komsomolskaya Square is often called the "Square of three stations" by residents of the city.)

"Leningradsky voksal" railway station building was constructed in the years 1844-1849 for the "Saint Petersburg - Moscow" railroad. Station name changed several times, under the influence of political events. Leningradsky station in Moscow was named "Nikolayevsky" from 1856 to 1923, and Octyabrsky station from 1923 to 1937. Leningradsky railway station building in Moscow is a copy of the "Moscovsky" railway station in St. Petersburg.

Information for travellers

  • Address: Moscow, Komsomolskaya Square, Building 3.
  • The nearest metro station is "Komsomolskaya".
  • "Leningradsky" railway station location is pointed on the Moscow map.

There are some places near the Yaroslavsky station in Moscow, which can be interesting and useful for tourists.

Kazansky railway station.
Yaroslavsky railway station.
Moscow State Music Hall. Address: Kalanchevskaya street, 33 / 12s2, Moscow.
Department Store “Moskovsky”. Address: Moscow, Komsomolskaya square, 6, building 1.

Find out how to get to and from Leningradsky train station.

Metro (subway) provide the best way to get from the station to attractions, museums and other popular places of interest in Moscow. For example, get on the Sokolnicheskaya metro line (line 1; the red line on the maps) to Okhotny Ryad or Lenin Library stations to travel to the Kremlin and the Red Square.

Sheremetyevo Airport can be reached by aeroexpress train from Belorussky Railway Station (Belorusskaya metro station) or by bus from the metro stations Planernaya or Rechnoy Voksal.

Domodedovo airport can be reached by train from Paveletsky station.

Vnukovo airport can be reached by aeroexpress train from Kievsky railway station, or by bus from the metro stations Yugo-Zapadnaya or Octyabrskaya.

Station Location is shown on the map at the bottom of the page.


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