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“Petrovsky” stadium

“Petrovsky” stadium is located in central part of Saint Petersburg in the “Petrogradskaya storona” (Petrograd side) city district. This is the most famous stadium in Saint Petersburg (the new stadium is under construction). Stadium can accommodate more than 21 thousand people. It is the main football arena of the city. “Zenit” football team home games are held on the “Petrovsky” stadium. The nearest metro station is “Sportivnaya”.

Petrovsky Stadium Photo

The first stadium on this place was built in 1924 - 1925. It was reconstructed several times later. Until 1992, the stadium was called “Lenin Stadium”.

Sports complex “Petrovsky” includes:

  • Central arena.
  • Small arena.
  • “Zenit” football club brand shop.
  • Restaurant “Yunost”.

Central Arena has a total area of 15 125 m2. Stadium lawn has dimensions 109 m x 71 m (area 7739 m2). Football ground of stadium has dimensions 105m x 68m. The football field is equipped with a heating system.
The stadium has all need for competitions: commentators boxes, working space for press, conference hall. More than 450 parking spaces for cars are located near the stadium.

Small Sports Arena of “Petrovsky” sports center has total capacity 2835 seats.

Stadium location marked on the map.

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