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Georges Pompidou Center

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Georges Pompidou national center of Contemporary Art and Culture (Centre national d'art et de culture Georges-Pompidou, Centre Georges Pompidou) is one of the most visited by tourists and locals places in Paris. The center was established by initiative of French President Georges Pompidou and opened January 31, 1977. The Centre Pompidou was planned to be a nerve center of the French art and culture, bringing together in one place the different forms of expression. Center of Contemporary Art and Culture introduces visitors various manifestations of art of the 20th and 21st centuries. Center studies contemporary art development trends in its various manifestations. It is also the largest public library in Paris. Locals often call this place “Beaubourg”.

Centre Pompidou in Paris houses the Museum of Modern Art, a large public library, concert and exhibition halls, an acoustic and music research center. Greatest point of interest to tourists is the Museum of Modern Art.

The building of the Centre Pompidou in Paris was built in 1977 and is still a matter of controversy and its design gets people to voice their opinion. The Centre was designed by Italian architect Renzo Piano; British architect Richard Rogers; and Italian architect Gianfranco Franchini, assisted by Ove Arup & Partners. The building has a length of 166 m, width 60 m and height 42 m. This building can be considered as one of the symbols of 20th century’s architecture.

On the located in front of the Centre Pompidou square often exhibit their works artists, perform actors and musicians. At the nearby Stravinsky square is the original fountain, which should see the curious tourists.

Museum of Modern Art

French National Museum of Modern Art (Musée National d'Art Moderne) is part of the Cultural Centre Georges Pompidou. The collection of the museum contains more than 60,000 works created in the 20th and 21st centuries. The museum has the second largest collection of contemporary art in the world, after the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York. Directions of its work are the painting, architecture, photography, film, new media, sculpture and design. Part of the collection is exhibited in the halls on the 4th and 5th floors. Temporary exhibitions of contemporary art are also held on the 6th floor. The exhibits changes frequently, to show better the variety of the collection. Here you can see the works of such authors as Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, Alberto Giacometti, Jackson Pollock, Wassily Kandinsky, Rene Magritte, Marc Chagall, Kazimir Malevich, Anri Matisse.

Public National Library

Public Library (Bpi, Bibliothèque publique d'information) is located in the Pompidou Centre. Library provides users with free access to a wide range of information. The library contains a collection of encyclopedic material, books, printed materials, audio-visual documents, information in digital format.
Entrance to the library is located on Beaubourg / Rue du Renard street, opposite side of the main entrance to the Pompidou Centre.
Address: Bibliothèque publique d'information, 75197, Paris, Cedex 04, France.

Centre for music and acoustic research

Institute for research Acoustics and Music (IRCAM, Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique / Musique) is one of the largest in the world research centers involved in research of sound and music. It produces research and development of new technologies related to sound and music, software for sound processing developing. This is a unique place where the sense of beauty meets science and technology.

Kandinsky Library

Kandinsky Library (Bibliothèque Kandinsky) specializes in storage and study of contemporary art in all its forms, documents from private archives, books, and information related to the art of the last century. Access is by appointment and for accredited persons only.

How to get to

The Pompidou Centre is located in the central part of the city, in the Beaubourg quarter of the 4th arrondissement, on the right bank of the Seine, at a distance of about 1 km from the Cathedral of Notre Dame (to the north). The main entrance is located on the Place Georges Pompidou.
Nearest metro stations: “Hôtel de Ville”, “Rambuteau”. Nearest station RER “Châtelet - Les Halles”.

Since 2010 operates a branch “Centre Pompidou-Metz” in Metz town (Metz, about 300 kilometers to the east of the Paris).

Hours of operation

The Pompidou Center is open daily, except Tuesdays and May 1. Opening hours from 11 to 22 (the entrance is closed to visitors after 20:00). Museums and exhibitions are open from 11 to 21. Bpi Library (Public Information Library) from 12 to 22 on weekdays, from 11 to 22 on Saturday and Sunday.
Ticket price to the museum are from 9 euros (depending on season). There is free access for children under 18 years and some of the other categories of visitors. Free entry the first Sunday in the month.

Useful link Guided tours in Paris (and skip the line tickets).


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