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Arch of Augustus in Rimini

Submitted by Visit Plus on Sun, 02/24/2013 - 17:11

“Arch of Augustus” in Rimini is one of the most famous attractions of the Rimini. The arch was built in 27 BC after construction of the road between Rome and the Adriatic Sea. Ancient Roman road “Via Flaminia” connects Rome and Rimini. “Arch of Augustus” is the oldest Roman arch in Italy! Arch served as one of the gates of the fortress wall. Arch height is 10.4 meters.

Currently (with Tiberius Bridge) the Arch is one of the symbols of Rimini. From the arch of “Arco trionfale di Augusto” to Tiberius Bridge (Ponte di Tiberio) is street “Corso D'Augusto”, along which are located many interesting places and shops. “Arch of Augustus” is located in the city center in the “Parco Alcide Cervi” park.

The photo was taken during a tourist trip to Italy in February 2013.

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