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Transportation in Rome

Metro, bus, tram

Rome subway (Metropolitana di Roma) has two lines (lines A and B), which cross at the “Roma Termini” railway station. The line C is under construction. The total length of subway lines is approximately 40 kilometers. The total number of stations is more then 50 (2012).

The city's bus network consists of about 350 bus routes and about 8000 bus stops. The city has about 39 kilometers of tram tracks and 192 trams stops. There is also a trolleybus route.

Rome metro, bus and tram transport operating organization is engaged ATAC company (Azienda Tramvie e Autobus del Comune in Italian). This company also operates several regional rail lines. The company does ticket control at passengers. The penalty for traveling without a ticket can be from 50 to 500 euros.

How to use public transport in Rome?

To travel on the metro, buses, trams and trolleybuses must be purchased ticket and then activate (validated) at the beginning of the trip. There are different types of tickets with different period of validity (for example, 100 minutes, one, three or seven days). Most locals use the tickets of longer period of validity.

Tickets (travel passes) can be purchased at “Tabacchi” kiosks in many places, some shops and restaurants, vending machines at metro stations. Ticket kiosks are also at the bus station, which is located in front of the railway station Roma Termini. Here you can also purchase tickets at automatic ticket vending machines, which have instructions in English.

Within the time validity of the ticket passenger can make an unlimited number of landings on the bus or tram, and only once to go to the subway or train railway. Ticket required to activate (validate) at the start of the trip. At the entrance to the subway (after the bus) need to punch a ticket one more time. A ticket must be valid until the end of the trip.
Keep the ticket to the end of the trip (the ticket inspector can be check it.)

Machines for tickets activation (validation machines) are installed in:

  • The buses, trams, trolley buses and trains routes Rome-Pantano, Rome-Viterbo.
  • At the stations, near the entrance to the subway, stations, regional train Rome-Lido and Trenitalia SpA.

If the ticket validation machine does not work you need to go directly to the ticket office, or to guard in the trains Trenitalia. In this case, on subway lines A and B, on the bus, tram or trolley need to write on the ticket date, time, name of the station and the vehicle number.

The ticket is valid in the following modes of transport within the city of Rome:

  • Bus, tram and trolleybus (company ATAC).
  • Metro lines A and B.
  • Trenitalia regional trains in the city for passengers in class 2.
  • Trains Met.Ro, routes Rome-Lido, Rome-Viterbo, Rome-Pantano.

The ticket is not valid on the tourist bus (Open bus, Archeobus), on buses and trains to the airport and to the cruise port.

Most suitable for tourists types of tickets for public transport in Rome are. (March 2013 prices).

  • BIT (Integrated Time Ticket). Ticket price € 1,50. The ticket is valid for 100 minutes after activation (validating).
  • BIG (Integrated Daily Ticket). Ticket price 6,00 €. The ticket is valid until the midnight of the current day (24.00) (day of ticket activation) for unlimited travel only within the territory of the city of Rome.
  • BTI (Integrated Tourist Ticket). Ticket cost 16,50 €. The ticket is valid only in the city of Rome for three days from the date of activation for unlimited trip number.
  • CIS (Integrated Tourist Ticket). Ticket cost 24 €. The ticket is valid for 7 days from the date of the ticket activation for unlimited number of trips within the city of Rome.

There are also other types of tickets.

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Rome has two main international airports.

Leonardo da Vinci airport. International airport Leonardo da Vinci (Also known as Fiumicino Airport, Rome Fiumicino) is the busiest airport in Italy, the main international airport of Rome. The airport is located about 30 kilometers from Rome, near the Mediterranean coast, in the town of Fiumicino.
Getting to the airport from Rome is possible by rail. Railway station (Fiumicino Aeroporto railway station) is located opposite Terminal 1. There is a bus service between the airport and the city of Rome.
Leonardo Express train offering direct connection to Termini Station (Roma Termini), travel time - about 30 minutes. Ticket cost 14 euros (2013).
The airport can be reached by regional train Orte Fara Sabina - Fiumicino (FM1), which stops at Rome Tiburtina, Ostiense, Trastevere railway stations. Travel time about 1 hour. Ticket cost € 8 (2013).
The airport can be reached by bus from Roma Tiburtina station. The bus also makes a stop on the Piazza dei Cinquecento square (near Roma Termini).

Rome Ciampino Airport (Aeroporto di Roma-Ciampino) serves domestic and charter flights. The airport is also used by the air forces of Italy. The airport is located about 15 kilometers south-east of the center of Rome. The airport has a bus service to the train station "Roma Termini".

Roma Termini Train Station

Roma Termini railway station is the main train station of Rome. Station connects the capital of Italy with located in the north of the country towns and many European countries. From this station, go non-stop Leonardo Express trains, which is the fastest transport to Rome’s Fiumicino Airport (Leonardo Da Vinci Airport)? There is a tourist information point at the station.

There are many shops selling clothing, footwear and accessories in the station. There are also plenty of cafes (including McDonald's and popular self service cafe Ciao Ristorante).

Roma Termini Train Station is one of the largest train stations in Europe (more than 150 million passengers per year). Station gets its name from located nearby of ancient Roman baths (a term, Baths of Diocletian). Nearby there is a metro station and a bus station. Station is located on the "piazza dei Cinquecento" square (look location at the map).

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