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What new is waiting for tourists in Saint Petersburg in 2013?

Submitted by Visit Plus on Tue, 04/02/2013 - 12:14

aurora Saint Petersburg is one of the most visited by tourists’ cities in Russia. Its attractions, theaters and museums are well known all over the world. But changes occurs and it is better to know news when planning a trip to St. Petersburg.

Opening of the second stage of the Mariinsky Theatre

The most famous theater in St. Petersburg will receive this year at their disposal a new building. The new building of the theater completion opera and ballet lovers have been waiting a long time. Opening of the second stage of the theater is scheduled for early May 2013. The new theater is located next to the old building.

Opening of the Naval Museum

Central Naval Museum is now moving to a new location. For a long time the museum was located in one of the most beautiful places of the city, in the “Old Saint Petersburg Stock Exchange” on the Vasilievsky Island. The new address of the museum is: Ploschad Truda 5, St. Petersburg. The nearest metro station Admiralteiskaya is located on approximately 1.5 kilometers from the museum.
Opening of the Central Naval Museum after the moving is possible in the summer of 2013, to the holiday, "Day of the Military Navy of Russia" (the last Sunday in July). The first will open Russian Navy hall, then the other 18 rooms of the museum.
Central Naval Museum is one of the oldest museums in Russia. The museum's collections began to form at the beginning of XVIII century.

Hurry up to see "Cruiser Aurora"

One of the most famous attractions of St. Petersburg "Cruiser Aurora" will soon be removed for repair. Tourists can have time to see it in this summer. Repair are planned begin for September-October 2013. Previous repair ship-museum was held in 1987 (25 years ago). It is planned that the repair will last at least 9 months, but tourists are not likely to be able to see the most famous ship Petersburg longer.

The new terminal at Pulkovo Airport

St. Petersburg's Pulkovo Airport is currently in the reconstruction. At the end of 2013 should be opened a new airport terminal, which will be located next to the terminal Pulkovo-1. Will be built main building of a new central passenger terminal, the northern landing gallery and transport overpass. As a result, the total area of the terminal will increase significantly, reaching 146.600 square meters.
The project of reconstruction and development of the airport is included in the list of "Infrastructure 100: World Cities Edition".


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