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Walking route for tourists in Saint Petersburg

What places to visit in St. Petersburg? How to see the most interesting and beautiful places in the city? How to make a good route? The best way to see the sights is walking around the city on foot. One variant of self-walking route is on this page.
The most famous attractions of Saint Petersburg are well known to all coming to the city tourists.

Kazan cathedral Peter the Great have wanted to build a city, which would same level by beauty and luxury as other European capitals. He largely succeeded. While being in St. Petersburg, it is wise to make time for walking around the city. The majority of the most famous sights of the city are located in a relatively small area within a circle with a diameter not more than 3 kilometers. When the weather is good, a leisurely walk around the city allows you to see many beautiful places, get positive emotions and make good pictures.

Metro stations “Nevsky Prospekt” and “Gostiny Dvor” are located in the central part of the Nevsky Prospekt. You can begin a walk trip in St. Petersburg from this place. Take a walk along the Nevsky Prospekt from the Kazan Cathedral (certainly visit Cathedral) in direction to the Palace Square. Covered with gold spire of the Admiralty will guide you. Turn left to St. Isaac's Square (for example by Malaya Morskaya Street). “Admiralteiskaya” metro station is located nearby. There is an observation deck with a view of the city center at the top of the building (near the of St. Isaac's Cathedral dome). Astoria, one of most famous hotels in the city, is located on the square.

Isaak Cathedral Let's go to the Neva River from St. Isaac's Cathedral. Here, on the Senate Square, is located the most famous monument to Peter the Great – “The Bronze Horseman”. From this place, you can walk to the Palace Square along the Neva River along the Admiralty Embankment or through the “Alexandrovsky sad” park.

Palace Square and the Winter Palace is probably the most visited by tourist places in St. Petersburg. Hermitage, the largest and most famous museum of St. Petersburg is located here in the Winter Palace. Tourists’ attention on the Palace Square is also attracted by the Alexander Column and arch of the General Staff.

You can walk to one of the most beautiful places in the city, Old Exchange Stock Building and Rostral Columns on Vasilevsky Island, after crossing the Neva River by the Palace Bridge. Not far from this place is the first museum in Russia, founded by Peter the Great “Kunstkammer”.

Simply go by Exchange Stock Bridge to the Peter and Paul Fortress. It is the place, on which Peter the Great began to build Saint Petersburg. In the fortress is the “Peter and Paul Cathedral”, which houses the tomb of the founder of the city. The fortress is under control of the “History of St. Petersburg Museum”. Near the Peter and Paul Fortress is also located a zoo, the Museum of Artillery.

You can build a route across St. Petersburg with the help of our route planner.

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There is also located Cruiser Aurora near the castle (to east of Troitsky Bridge). Distance from the fortress to the cruiser Aurora is about one kilometer. You can also see the house of Peter the Mosque on the way to Aurora.

You will get to Mars field after crossing the Neva by Troitsky Bridge. There are located several popular tourist sites nearby: the Cathedral of the Savior on Spilled Blood, the Russian Museum, the Mikhailovsky (Engineers') Castle. The Nevsky Prospekt and the place where our trip has started are nearby. You can go to Nevsky Prospect along the Griboyedov Canal embankment or from the Square of Arts along Mikhailovskaya Street.

In fact, you should not plan to visit these places in one day. No need to hurry. The length of the above-described route is about eight kilometers. In the summer, if the weather is good, we can recommend use a boat tour through the channels of St. Petersburg. Bout trips on the rivers and canals in large numbers are offering in many places in the city, such as the Griboyedov Canal and on the Neva River near the Winter Palace.

Peterhof Summer is the best time to visit St. Petersburg. During the White Nights, you can walk around the city until morning. Many tourists come to watch the breeding of bridges on the Neva River at night.
Do not forget, Peterhof and Pushkin cities are also located near St. Petersburg of! Welcome to St. Petersburg.

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