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Militsiya change its name to Police in Russia

Submitted by Visit Plus on Tue, 02/01/2011 - 20:25

Police on horse in Moscow From March 1, 2011 militsiya in Russia change its name. At the initiative of President Dmitry Medvedev State Duma of Russian Federation approved the Police law. Under the new law, militsiya (милиция) changed its name to police (полиция).
The name change is not main important point in the new law. In the course of reforming the police get rid of the many unusual features. Number of employees until January 2012 will be reduced by 20%. Unlike militia officers, police will be obliged to identify themselves, show identification and explain in greater detail the citizens of their rights and responsibilities.

The bill was designed to reform Russian law enforcement bodies. For the first time in the history of the country bill was debated public in the Internet, some of suggestions made by citizens have included to the bill that came later in the Duma. For the adoption of the law voted 315 deputies (members of the party "United Russia"), 130 were opposed.
The name change will be costly to taxpayers. About 3 billion rubles will spend for the name change and the renaming of legal documents only. Most people in Russia negatively related to name changing. It is need to improve the police work, but change the name does not help.
“Militsia” (from Lat. Militia – “army”) – is historical name of protecting public forces. The police were replaced by militia in Russia by order of the government on April 17, 1917.


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