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Transportation in Venice

How to move around the territory of Venice? Venice is the largest pedestrian area in the world! Cars and buses have to stop in the western part of Venice, on the Tronchetto island or on the “Piazzale Roma” square (near the train station). It is said that the locals are moved through the historic center of Venice usually on foot. This is the best way to get around the city of Venice for tourists too. But quite often there is a need to use public transport to move around Venice.

Gondolas now carry only tourists The main form of public transport in Venice is a water buses (vaporetti) and water taxis. To organize the operation of public transport is involved company ACTV (Azienda del Consorzio Trasporti Veneziano). Tickets for the water buses can be purchased at the Hellovenezia office, ticket machines in many places in the city. The cost of a one way ticket is 7 euros (2013). Tickets must be activated before boarding. The ticket is valid for 60 minutes, while traveling in the same direction (except routes number 16, 19, 21, “Casinò” and “Vaporetto dell'Arte”, and the “Alilaguna” water buses). Tickets can also be bought before boarding from the company staff on the quay (“marinaio”).

To move around Venice by public transport may be conveniently purchase “Travel Card”, which can have a different duration, from 12 hours to 7 days.

Passenger boat at the pier in Venice “Alilaguna” water buses connect the “Marco Polo” airport and the historic center of Venice, the cruise terminal, Lido and Murano islands.

When you move around the city on foot you will find signs that tell you the direction of motion. For example: “Ferrovia” - the railway station, “Piazzale Roma” - square, bus station, “Rialto” - Rialto Bridge, “San Marco” - Piazza San Marco and the other pointers.

“Piazzale Roma” square. Station of long-distance buses is located on the “Piazzale Roma” square. You can get from here by bus to the “Marco Polo” and “Treviso” airports. Square is located at a distance approximately 300 meters from the railway station of Venice (across the “Bridge of the Constitution”). There are water buses stops (vaporetti) nearby. The center of Venice can be reached by water bus or on foot.

ATVO bus tickets can be bought at the ATVO ticket office on the “Piazzale Roma” square, next to the police station (Caranibieri), at ticket machines near the ticket offices, in the “Botazzo Tobaconist” shop on the “Piazzale Roma” square and in other places.

If you come to Venice by car, you have to park your car in the parking area at the “Piazzale Roma” or on the Tronchetto island. The alternative is to park your car on the mainland in Mestre and get to the historic center by bus or by water bus. Parking in Mestre is much cheaper.

The railway

Venice has railroad connections with major cities of Italy and Western Europe. Venice can be reached by train from Rome in 3.5 hours (intermediate station is Florence), from Milan in 2.5 hours. Travel by rail to the city of Treviso (Treviso) from Venice takes about 35 minutes.

Santa Lucia railway station (Venezia Santa Lucia railway station) is located in the western part of Venice. The distance from the station to Piazza San Marco (historic center) is approximately 2.2 kilometers (for a walking route). There are water buses stops near the station. Boats can quickly deliver tourists to the city center. By train Venice can be reached from Munich, Paris, Vienna, Rome, Milan and other cities. Railway trains and cars drive to Venice along the “Ponte della Libertà” bridge.

Look attractions, museums, hotels and interesting places location on the Venice map.


Marco Polo International Airport. Venice Marco Polo Airport is situated at a distance of about 8 kilometers north of the center of Venice, near Mestre (continental part of Venice). In 2012, the airport served over 8 million passengers. From the airport Venice can be reached by bus (the bus station is located on the square “Piazzale Roma”), water bus and water taxi.
To go to the pier of water buses, exit the terminal building and turn left. Water buses Alilaguna have three routes to different parts of Venice (ticket cost 15 euros, 2013).

ATVO bus tickets can be bought at ticket machines the baggage claim area, at the ticket office ATVO in the arrivals area of the airport, ticket vending machines in the area of bus departures.

Treviso Airport. Treviso - Sant Angelo Airport is situated at a distance of about 20 kilometers from Venice, near the town of Treviso. The airport serves aircraft cost airlines, traveling from Berlin, London, Paris and other European airports. The airport can be reached by rail from the Santa Lucia train station and by bus from Piazzale Roma. Bus “Barzi Bus Service” company run from “Treviso-Sant'Angelo” airport to Venice “Tronchetto” island (near the train station). Tickets can be bought at the airport at the “Province of Treviso” counter, as well as from bus the driver outside airport. The cost of a one way ticket is € 7 (2013).

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