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Antalya is located in southern Turkey, on the Mediterranean coast. The city is the administrative center of the province of Antalya, the center of the large resort region. Antalya province is the most popular resort region of Turkey. About 30 percent of all arriving in Turkey for summer holiday tourists come in the province of Antalya. There is a large international airport near the city. Arriving at Antalya airport tourists are leaving in many popular resort towns of the region (Alanya, Kemer, Belek, Side, Gazipasa).

Antalya is a large cultural, tourist and administrative center. The permanent population of the city is more than one million inhabitants (1.49 million people in 2023). The number of living in the city people is increasing by about two times in the summer months. Tourists from many European countries come here for a summer holidays. Antalya is especially popular with tourists from Germany, UK, Russia.

Warm Mediterranean Sea and warm climate are the main factors that attract tourists. Turkey is also a country with a rich history. There are a lot of interesting historical places near the city. The historic center of Antalya is also well preserved. Many cultural and sports events are held in Antalya annually. Many parks, shops, hotels, restaurants are located in the Antalya city and nearby. It is the perfect place for summer holidays.

Beaches in Antalya

Mediterranean coast in Antalya are mostly rocky, unsuitable for swimming. The most popular beaches are located to west and to east of the city center. Some of hotels located in the city have their own platforms on the sea, to which you can to go down by the stairs.

  • Lara Beach is located about 10 kilometers to east of the city center. The beach is sandy. There are many hotels and part of the coast is occupied by the hotel's beaches. The beach can be reached from the center of Antalya by public transport.
  • Konyaaltı Beach is located about 3 kilometers to west of the city center. The beach offers a beautiful view of the city. There are plenty of cafes, places for walking and recreation near the beach. It is pebble beach.
  • Mermerli Beach (Mermerli Plajı) is probably the only beach within the city territory. The beach is located under a rock, next to the harbor (just to east) and the historic city center “Kaleici”. Entrance to the beach is for an extra charge. Entrance to the beach is through a restaurant with the same name.


Waterfalls and natural parks

Waterfall“Düden Şelalesi” waterfall. “Düden Şelalesi” is one of the main natural attractions of Antalya. This beautiful place attracts a large number of tourists. Anyone coming to Antalya tourist must to visit this waterfall. There are two waterfalls on the Duden River near the Antalya city: the “Upper Duden Waterfall” and the “Lower Duden Waterfall”.

  • he “Upper Duden Waterfalls” is located about 14 kilometers to north of the Antalya city center, at the end of “Düden caddesi” street. Height of the waterfall is 20 meters. The waterfall is located in the natural park. Entrance in the park is for fee. To get to the park from the city center is possible by taxi or by bus (bus number VF66).
  • The “Lower Dude Waterfall” is the most famous and most visited waterfall in Antalya. The waterfall can be seen from the aircraft when it comes in to land at the airport of Antalya. The waterfall is located at a distance of about 10 kilometers to east of the city center, near the road to the “Lara” beach. The river water falling into the Mediterranean Sea from a height of about 40 meters here. Near the waterfall is a park where tourists like to walk. The park features a comfortable observation deck. Very popular are boat trips to the waterfall. Tour boats depart to the waterfall from the Antalya harbor. To get to the park and the waterfall is possible by bus number KC37.
  • “Kurşunlu” waterfall. “Kurşunlu” waterfall is located about 23 kilometers north-east from the center of Antalya, near the road to the Isparta village. This waterfall is also one of the most visited places in the vicinity of the city of Antalya. The waterfall is located in the natural park. Height of the waterfall is 19 meters.
  • “Manavgat” waterfall. “Manavgat” waterfall is located near Side city and Manavgat village (about 5 kilometers from Side in direction to Alanya, then to north about 4 kilometers). The waterfall can be reached by bus. The waterfall is quite wide, but the water falls from a low altitude. Waterfall was depicted on Turkish banknotes from 1968 to 1983.


In Antalya, as in any resort town, there are many hotels. Most tourists prefer to choose hotels that are located near the beach. Different parts of the coast have their own characteristics.

City center. Here is the Old Town of Antalya (Kaleici). In this area there are many hotels, both luxury and cheap. You can walk around the city center and in the old town at any time if you choose a hotel in the area.

There is one significant drawback in this area of the city. There are no good beaches because of the rocky coastline. Only some hotels have a staircase along which you can go down to the sea. On the shore, some hotels have pontoons, on which clients of the hotel can sunbathe. This is especially inconvenient for families with children.

Ramada Plaza Hotel (5 stars) is situated on a rock in the center of the city. The park can be reached on foot in 5 minutes. The distance to the old town is less than one kilometer. The hotel has a swimming pool, a spa, a platform next to the beach. (The best choice according to VISIT-PLUS.)

Lara. Lara district is located in the eastern part of the city. Most of the coast in this area is also rocky. Many hotels have their descent to the sea on the stairs or on an elevator. The large public beach in Lara is located about 2 kilometers east of the Lower Duden Falls (10 kilometers from the Old Town). Antalya Airport is also located to the east of the city center, and the noise produced by flying airplanes can annoy customers of some hotels.

In this area there are many good hotels that offer All Inclusive accommodation. Fans of water sports will find entertainment for themselves. The city center can be reached by bus KL 008.

For example: Club Hotel Sera (5 stars) is very good hotel in Lara. Nearby there is a well-equipped sandy beach. Also on the hotel territory there are many swimming pools and entertainment for children.

Konyaalty. The area of Konyaalti beach is located west of the city center. A large beach (small pebbles and sand) starts at a distance of about 2 kilometers west of the Old Town. The beach is regularly awarded with the blue flag of the European Commission for cleanliness.

According to unverified information: the water here can be a bit cooler than other beaches in Antalya, because of the underground creek flowing to the sea.

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Antalya International Airport is located about 13 kilometers (8 miles) east of the center of Antalya. Most tourists traveling on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey come to this airport.

Antalya Bus Terminal (Otogar) is located about 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) northwest of the city center. Buses depart to many locations from the bus station, including Alanya and Side.


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