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The “Black Ram” sculpture in Savonlinna

Submitted by Visit Plus on Wed, 07/24/2013 - 22:31

Sculpture of a ram in Savonlinna (Finland) is one of the attractions of the city. The sculpture "Black Ram" (musta pässi) is located on a small island (Tallisaari island), through which lie a way to the Olavinlinna castle.

Rams (sheep) lived in the fortress probably since the construction of the fortress. The best rams were used to prepare the festive meal the day of St. Olaf (the patron saint of the city) on July 27. Residents of the city had hoped that St. Olaf will bring good luck for this year. Last lived in the castle sheep drowned in 1728.

There is a legend that the ram once saved the fortress from attacking Russian troops. In the dark silhouette of the ram on the castle wall soldiers took for the devil and gave up the attack.

It is believed now that the sculpture ram brings good luck. Need to come to the lamb and to rub it. The place in which you want to rub sheep can be identified by the characteristic, metallic shine.

To find a ram sculpture in Savonlinna easily. You will definitely see him approaching to the castle. The author of the sculpture is Herman Anton Ravander-Rauas. The sculpture was donated to the city of Savonlinna in 1964.


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