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Moscow map

Map of Moscow (Russia). The map shows the location of many popular attractions and interesting places for tourists.

Map data from © OpenStreetMap.
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Red Square, the Kremlin, Tsar Cannon, St. Basil's Cathedral, the bell tower of Ivan the Great, Novodevichy Convent.


Russian Historical Museum, the Tretyakov Gallery.


Leningrad Station, Yaroslavl Station, Kazansky railway station, Kiev railway station, Byelorussia Station.


Airport "Domodedovo", the biggest airport in Moscow, is located at a distance of approximately 45 kilometers south-east of the city center (location map).

Airport "Sheremetyevo", the second volume of traffic airport in Moscow. Located in the northwest of the city.

Other places of interest in Moscow

Gorky Park, the stadium "Luzhniki", Moscow State University, the street "Arbat". Zhukovsky Airport (site of the largest air show in Russia).

The route planner will help you to make a route across Moscow. (Find out how to get to the place you need.)



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