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In St. Petersburg is planned to build campings

Submitted by Visit Plus on Mon, 06/13/2011 - 00:52

St.  Pete campSt. Petersburg Governor Valentina Matvienko has confirmed that to attract more tourists in St. Petersburg is planned to build camps. As far as leadership of the city's plans in St. Petersburg will campsites, where tourists will come, who can not afford to stay in expensive hotels. City officials have already allocated eight plots ranging from 1 to 10 hectares. Plots will be leased for 15 years. In the campsites will be placed at 2-3 thousand cars, and will be approximately the same number of places to stay. According published information six companies have already expressed an interest in the program of construction camps.

According to statistics, 2010 St. Petersburg was visited by more than 5 million tourists. By 2016, plans to increase the number of tourists to 8.1 million. Accommodation in campsites are very popular in many European countries. For example, in neighboring Finland


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