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Lappeenranta is located in South-Eastern Finland, on the lake Saimaa southern coast, near the Russian border. The city is is administrative center of South Karelia province. Lappeenranta is the thirteenth largest city in the Finland. The city population is about 72,800 inhabitants. Proximity of the border and the city's location on the junction of roads make Lappeenranta an important freight and passenger transport center. It is one of the most visited by tourists’ city in Finland.

Monument The geographical position of the city is unique in its own way. Lappeenranta is located at a distance about 50 kilometers from Vyborg (Russia), and at a distance about 220 kilometers from both Helsinki and St. Petersburg. St. Petersburg (Russia) is home for about 5 million people. It is the second largest city after Moscow in Russia. Number of people living in St. Petersburg is about the same as the whole population of Finland. Proximity of the so the great city provide great opportunities for tourism and business.

The city unique location provides the opportunity for tourism industry development. It is easy to get to Vyborg, St. Petersburg and Finland cities from Lappeenranta. There is a possibility to use car, bus, ship, plane or railway. Lake Saimaa and Saimaa channel offers opportunity to travel on the lake Saimaa by ship, or even in Russia. Tourists can get to Lappeenranta by plane from some European cities. Tourists can use the airport to come to Lappeenranta, and then travel to Lake Saimaa or Russia. Lappeenranta is one of the most popular tourist destinations of Russian tourists in Finland.

The gun in fortress Highway 6 is leading to the south-west direction through Kouvola to Helsinki and to the north direction through Joensuu to Kajaani. Highway 13 leads through Nuijamaa border station to Russia. Travel time to Helsinki is about 3 hours by car, and 3 hours and 40 minutes by bus. Travel from Lappeenranta to St. Petersburg by car may take about three hours (the border crossing can take a long time).

Travel Lappeenranta to Helsinki by train can take about 2 hours. Travel time to St. Petersburg by Allegro train (from Vainikkala station) is about 1 hour.

Lappeenranta Airport is the oldest in Finland (founded in 1918). Travel to Helsinki by plane takes about 35 minutes. It is possible to get from Lappeenranta to a few European cities by plane. Lappeenranta Airport is also often used by St. Petersburg citizens to fly to Germany, Spain, Italy and other countries. Airport expands the tourism potential of Lappeenranta.
(Regular flights are not made to the airport of Lappeenranta at the moment.)

Saimaa Canal connects Lake Saimaa to the Baltic Sea. Boat and yacht owners can get through the Saimaa Canal to Lappeenranta from European countries, and then continue trip to Finland on the lake. Saimaa area is one of the most popular areas in Finland for those who want to rent a cottage and spend vacation far away from the big cities, in a quiet location on the lake.
During the summer, when Lake Saimaa and Saimaa Canal are accessible by water, there is a connection by ship from Lappeenranta to Vyborg, Russia. Visa-free canal cruises to Vyborg and St. Petersburg are very popular among all nationalities.

  • Lappeenranta founded: 1649.
  • Population: 72,800 people.
  • Total area: 1,723 km².


Lappeenrannan raatihuone The oldest part of Lappeenranta is a fortress. It is the city tourist center. In the fortress and in its vicinity are located most part of attractions and interest for tourists places. There are located: "South Karelia" Museum, South Karelia Art Museum, the Cavalry Museum, the oldest Orthodox Church of Finland (1785). Not far from the Fortress are also located Lappeenranta old City Hall and 18th-century wooden “St. Mary's Church of Lappee”.

There is Lappeenranta passenger port located next to the fortress. The port has a lot of pleasure ships in the summer. Tourists can have a short cruise by ship on the Lake Saimaa. There are also cruises to Vyborg along Saimaa Canal from Lappeenranta in Summer.

The largest in Finland sand castle is built near the fortress on shore of Lake Saimaa every summer. Sand Castle in the summer is one of the city's attractions.

Lappeenranta fortress and next to it in the summer are regularly held a variety of interesting events. The fortress and the Saimaa promenade is a favorite place of locals and tourists.


There are several hotels in which tourists can always find a free room in the city of Lappeenranta. Places located outside the city are also popular for living in the summer time: cottages, holiday homes, campsites.

You can get more information about all hotels, campsites and apartments in Lappeenranta, availability and price of accommodation by using the hotel search service.

There are hotels situated in the center of the city, close to the IsoKristiina shopping center and the old military fortifications: Sokos, Scandic, Cumulus, as well as Lappeenranta Spa and Citimotel. You can check the location on the map of the city.

Original Sokos Hotel Lappee. (4 stars). The hotel is located in the city center next to the shopping center IsoKristiina.
Address: Brahenkatu 1, 53100 Lappeenranta, Finland.

Scandic Patria Hotel. (4 stars) Scandic Patria Hotel is located close to the old military fortifications and the port. Address: Kauppakatu 21, 53100 Lappeenranta, Finland.

Scandic Lappeenranta City hotel. (3 stars). The hotel is located on one of the city's shopping streets.
Address: Valtakatu 31, 53100 Lappeenranta, Finland.

Lappeenranta Spa. (3 stars). The hotel is located near the shore of the Saimaa Lake, old military fortifications and the port. There is free parking for customers.
Address: Ainonkatu 17, 53100 Lappeenranta, Finland.

Citimotel. The hotel is located in the city center. There is free parking for hotel guests.
Address: Kannelkatu 1, 53100 Lappeenranta, Finland.

Huhtiniemi Camping. The campsite is located on the shore of Lake Saimaa, about 2 kilometers from the city center. There is a beach nearby. In the campsite, there are cottages that can be rented.
Address: Kuusimaenkatu 16, 53810 Lappeenranta, Finland.

Mikonsaaren Loma-Asunnot. The complex of small cottages is surrounded by lakes, located at a distance of 10 kilometers from the center of Lappeenranta. There is a sauna.
Address: Mikonsaarentie 383, 53300 Lappeenranta, Finland.

A large number of country cottages of various sizes and levels of comfort are offered for rent in the South Karelia region of Finland. Such houses are usually located on the shore of the lake, and have everything you need for a comfortable living. City residents like to spend in these houses part of their summer vacation.
You can rent a house in Finland by using one of the international reservation services ( or Interhome).

How to get to Lappeenranta

Residents of Europe and America will have to travel to Lappeenranta via Helsinki (or St. Petersburg). Lappeenranta can be reached from Helsinki by bus or by rail. The journey takes about 3 - 4 hours. Trains leave for Lappeenranta from Helsinki Central Station. The bus station is located on the ground floor of the Kamppi shopping center. The stations are located in the center of Helsinki, near the ferry terminals.

You can get to Helsinki by plane or by ferry from Stockholm or Tallinn. The distance from Helsinki to Lappeenranta is about 220 kilometers. You can buy an airplane ticket right now, online.

It is most convenient way to get from St. Petersburg to Lappeenranta by bus or by taxi through the city of Vyborg. It is also possible to get from St. Petersburg to the railway station Vainikkala, and then by taxi. The distance from St. Petersburg to Lappeenranta is approximately 200 kilometers.

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