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Leningradskaya Oblast

Petersburg is one of the most famous tourist centers in Russia. But if you already know everything in St. Petersburg take a look at "Lenigradskaya oblast" region.

In 1991, the city of Leningrad was renamed St. Petersburg. The city regained its historical name. But the surrounding towns the Leningrad region continues to be the old name. The territory of the Leningrad Region is approximately 84,000 square kilometers. In the area inhabited by approximately 1.6 million people. Tourists can find themselves in the Leningrad region very interesting. Some information about the cities of Leningrad region, and tourist attractions.

The Vyborg city

Vyborg is one of the most famous cities in the Leningrad region. The city is located approximately 130 kilometers from St. Petersburg. Get to Vyborg from St. Petersburg can be by car, by bus or by train. (About tranport)
The main attraction of Vyborg is the medieval Vyborg Castle. Beginning construction of the castle by Swedish knights in 1293 is considered the foundation of Viborg. It is Russia's only fully preserved medieval castle. Tourists can also advise to visit the "Mon Repos" Park. The park is located on the bay on the outskirts of the city. Interest for tourists is the entire old part of town. Vyborg is located near the border with Finland. From Vyborg easily reach the cities of Lappeenranta, Kotka and Helsinki. I recommend that you visit Vyborg.


Priozersk - a town in Leningrad Oblast, administrative center Priozersky district of the Leningrad region, is located in the north of the Leningrad region, on the Karelian Isthmus, near the confluence of the river Vuoksa in Lake Ladoga. The city's population of about 17,000 people. The first mention of the city belongs to 1295. In different years, the city also nazyvalyas Kexholm, Käkisalmi. In 1948 it was renamed to the Priozersk. The main attraction of the city is a fortress "Korella". Tourists can also attract Lake Ladoga and Lake Vuoksa.

Museum-Fortress "Korella"

The fortress is located in the heart of the city. Entrance to the castle is free. In the fortress, in the building of arsenal is Priozersk Museum. At the fortress every year hosted the festivals of of military historical reconstruction, which gather the guests and participants from different cities.

Volkhov district

Volkhov - a small town in Leningrad Oblast, administrative center of the Volkhov district. The population of the city of Volkhov is about 45 thousand people, the population of the Volkhov district is about 93 thousand people.

The city is situated on the Volkhov River at a distance 121 kilometers from St. Petersburg. Distance to Lake Ladoga is about 20 kilometers.

Attractions Volkhov district

Interest for tourists in the Leningrad region may represent for example the following objects. Reserve Museum Staraya Ladoga, which is located 12km from the mouth of the Volkhov River near Lake Ladoga. Staraya Ladoga more than 1200 years and this settlement is the ancient capital of ancient Russia. In the village of Staraya Ladoga is located Staraya Ladoga fortress. Here is another attraction - Staraya Ladoga Nicholas Monastery. You can also visit Staraya Ladoga Uspensky female monastery (which was imprisoned the first wife of Peter I - Evdokia Lopukhin). River Volkhov flows out of Lake Ilmen and flows into Lake Ladoga. Length of the river 235 kilometers. By the Volkhov river can get on the ship from St. Petersburg to Novgorod. At the Volkhov river at the years 1918-1927 was constructed Volkhov hydroelectric station which is still in effect.

The city ​​Kingisepp

City Kingisepp is located on the south-west of Leningrad region, near the border with Estonia. The city is located on the Luga River, a distance of 114 kilometers from St. Petersburg. The Kingisepp city's population is approximately 50 thousand people, population Kingisepp district is about 80 thousand people.
History of the city has more than 600 years. The city was founded as a fortress of Yam in 1384. From 1703 to 1922 the city was called Yamburg. It was later renamed the city Kingisepp. From the fortress of Yam to the present day in part keep the old rampart length of about 600 meters from stonework, which is visible in several places on the east bank of the Luga. In the city of Ivangorod tourists may be interested Ivangorod fortress. The fortress was built during the reign of Ivan III in the summer of 1492 on the right bank of the Narva. On the opposite bank of the river is the medieval castle (Castle of Herman). On the Narva Riveris a state border between Russia and Estonia. In Ivangorod is crossing point the border. Telephone area code +7 81375.

Kirovsky District

Kirovsky District of the Leningradskaya Oblast Region is located in the central part of the Leningradskaya oblast region. The population of the district is more than 90 thousand people. The district covers an area of ​​2630 square kilometers. The district administrative center is city Kirovsk. Population Kirovsk (Leningrad region) is approximately 23 thousand people.

The fortress Oreshek

Shlisselburg Fortress (Fortress Oreshek) - the main attraction in the Kirov region. The fortress is situated on an island "Orekhovy" opposite the town of Shlisselburg at the source of the Neva river, approximately 30 kilometers from St. Petersburg ring road. Fortress was founded in 1323, from 1612 to 1702 belonged to Sweden. Fortress got its name from "Orekhovy" (Nut) island on which it is located. Since 1965, Shlisselburg Fortress is a branch of the State Museum of Leningrad.


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