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Ischia Island

Ischia Island is located near the city of Naples, near the west coast of Italy, in the Tyrrhenian Sea, at the entrance to the Bay of Naples. Distance from Ischia to Italy mainland is about 7 kilometers, from the city of Naples about 30 kilometers. The island area is about 46 km². Island is home to about 62,000 people. There is road along the coast around the island. Best time of year to visit the Ischia Island is from April to October.

Length of the island from east to west is about 10 kilometers, and from north to south approximately 7 kilometers. The coastline of the island has length about 34 kilometers. The highest point of the Ischia Island is Mount Epomeo, 788 meters high. The main town of the island, Ischia town is located in the western part of the island.

Ischia is popular with tourists from Italy, as well as foreign tourists’ summer holiday destination. Around 6 million tourists visit the island every year. Most foreign tourists come from Germany and the UK. Large number of exciting events is held on the island during the tourist season. The island has a sufficient number of hotels, restaurants and cafes to serve tourists. The island has a large number of beaches around the island.

  • Castello Aragonese. Aragonese Castle is a local attractions. It is ancient fortress, founded in 474 BC and rebuilt in the Middle Ages. In order to get into the castle must pass the stone bridge and then through the tunnel or get a lift.
  • Guevara Tower. Guevara Tower is located near the Castello Aragonese castle and is one of the symbols of the island.

One of the main features of Ischia is its thermal springs. Health benefits of island hot springs and mud were known to the ancient Greeks. It is believed that the island has about 300 thermal springs. Some of them are converted into thermal parks with paid entrance; some are in remote locations and retained their original appearance.

Among the most popular thermal parks are: Poseidon Gardens, Negombo park, Castiglione Vanitello, Tropical, Gardens of Apollo, Eden Gardens, Cavascura, Olmitello.

There are a large number of beaches around the island. Some of the beaches have entrance fee. Maronti Beach is the largest beach on the island. The beach is located near Sant' Angelo castle.

The island of Ischia can be reached by boat from Naples. Ships, hydrofoils and ferries, depart from the Mergellina port (just west of the fortress of Castel dell'Ovo) and from the terminal “Molo Beverello” in Naples passenger port. Ships can arrive at different ports of the island (or go to some ports). Be careful to get to the port that you need. The main port of the island is located in Ischia town and has the name “Ischia Porto”.

Near the port is located the bus station. There are two bus routes that are raiding around the island - CD and CS. Tour buses CD move counterclockwise route, buses CS go around the island in a clockwise direction.

The nearest airport to the island is the airport of Naples (Napoli-Capodichino).


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