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Shopping center "Academ Park"

Submitted by Visit Plus on Mon, 03/10/2014 - 22:21

akadempark Shopping and entertainment complex "Academ Park" is located at the intersection of "Grazhdansky Prospect" and "Prospekt Nauki" streats in Saint Petersburg. On three floors of retail and entertainment complex are located many stores, that sell fashionable clothes and shoes. Here also is located selling electronic goods store "M-Video". There are several cafes, including "Burger King", "KFS", "Kroshka-Kartoshka", "Teremok" on the third floor. There is also a multiplex cinema "Kronverk Cinema".
In the same building is located a business center "Academ Park" (you can rent a room for office).

There are located several shopping centers and large stores near the metro station "Akademicheskaya" in St. Petersburg.

Shopping mall "Academicheskiy" is located on Grazhdansky Prospect, near the shopping center “Academ Park”. On the 1st and 2nd floors of shopping center are many shops selling clothing, footwear and accessories. In the basement are a bookstore and supermarket of goods for the home. In the same building is located McDonald's.

Near the metro station "Akademicheskaya" is also a store construction and household goods "Metrica" hypermarket "Okay" and other shops.

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