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Russians continue to buy property abroad

Submitted by Visit Plus on Wed, 06/29/2011 - 07:25

Russians continue to buy property in Finland, but the nature of the purchased housing has changed a bit. For example, in Imatra (Imatra is the closest city to Russia in Finland) has decreased the number of Russian citizens purchased expensive apartments and houses. Russians are increasingly attracted to smaller inexpensive apartments near the lakes. Such housing purchase "not rich" families to come here several times a year for spending free time. For example, an attractive option for buyers from Russia will be a small one-bedroom apartment cost from 40 thousand euros. Continue to interest buyers and apartments in townhouses. Serenity and the Finnish nature attract here people living in big cities.

Imatra continues to attract Russians

The Russians have bought in Imatra in the first half of this year more real estate than in the previous years corresponding period. By the end of May to Russians had been sold 23 apartments, while for all previous year was committed to a total of 45 transactions. In other parts of south-eastern Finland were fewer transactions. In the village Ruokolahti Russians bought 11 apartments in Lappeenranta 10.

In the region town of Kotka

In the region of Kymenlaakso (Hamina, Kotka and Kouvola) foreign buyers were increasingly attracted to Hamina and Kouvola. Last year, Russian citizens have made in Kouvola real estate transactions for 2.4 million euros. In Hamina Russians bought housing in the total cost of 1.3 million euros. As the experts in real estate interest of Russians to acquire housing in Finland is constantly growing.


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