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St. Petersburg “Music Hall” Theater is a popular place among of pop art fans. Entertaining performances (comedies, operettas, concerts) are held on music hall stage. Music hall performances often combine various forms of performing arts: singing, dancing, performing arts and even acrobatics. Main rule in productions of music hall is: it should not be boring.

There are two “Music Halls” in the history of Saint Petersburg. The first “Music Hall” had been opened December 5, 1928. Many famous Soviet singers like Utesov and Shulzhenko had been performing in St. Petersburg Music Hall. In 1937, “Leningrad Music Hall” was closed, as it does not match the policy of the Communist Party.

The second “Leningrad Music Hall” was founded in 1966 in Leningrad. With St. Petersburg Music Hall were connected career of such popular Russian artists as Sergei Zakharov, Philip Kirkorov, Tatyana Bulanova, Marina Kapoor, Magomayev, Joseph Kobzon, Slava Polunin.

Big theater stage has 1,500 seats for spectators. Small Music Hall stage has 210 seats, separate front entrance.

Address: St. Petersburg, “Alexandrovsky” Park, Building 4. The nearest metro station “Gorkovskaya”


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