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Crimea (Crimean Peninsula) is located in the northern part of the Black Sea, which is connected to the mainland by a narrow (width about 8 kilometers) Perekop isthmus. Azov Sea is northeast of the Crimean peninsula. Crimea is a popular summer holiday destination for more than 100 years. There are many beaches and hotels. Southern coast of Crimea is located in the zone of warm and humid Mediterranean climate. The favorable climate and warm sea annually attract large numbers of tourists. Tourist season in Crimea lasts from May to October.

Crimea Coast 2011

Crimean peninsula is located in the northern part of the Black Sea. The total area of the peninsula is 26 860 square kilometers. Crimean peninsula is bordering to south and west by the Black Sea, to the east by the Sea of Azov. The peninsula issued deep into the Black Sea and connected to the mainland by a narrow isthmus (actually an island connected to the mainland by a narrow isthmus). Much of the peninsula of Crimea is plain, about 20 % of the territory is covered by mountains. Crimean mountains are located on the south of the peninsula. The highest point of the peninsula is “Roman-Kosh” Mount (altitude 1545 meters). The length of the Crimean peninsula from west to east (between “Kara-Mrun” cape and “Fonar” cape) is 326 kilometers, from north to south (from “Perekop” isthmus to Nicholas Cape) - 205 kilometers. Length of the Crimean coastline is more than 1 thousand kilometers.

Approximately 2.35 million people live in the Crimea. 1 239 800 people live in cities and 730 000 people in countryside. Crimean biggest cities: Sevastopol, Simferopol, Kerch, Evpatoria and Feodosia. In the city of Kerch, there is a ferry across the Kerch Strait that connects the Crimea with the territory of Russia. A bridge building between Crimea and mainland Russia it was launched in 2015. It connected the Crimea with the Krasnodar Territory of Russia.

Crimea has roads and railways that connect the cities of Crimea to Ukraine and Russia (through the territory of Ukraine). Near the Simferopol city is an international airport. Most tourists come to the territory of Crimea on their own cars and by railway.

Ayu-Dag Mount

Brief information about history of the Crimea

People began to settle on the territory of Crimea many thousands years ago. Different nations lived on this territory.

  • Over two thousand years ago in the Crimea lived kimery (12th century BC). Then here was state of Scythians (it lasted until the third century AD).
  • In the 5th century BC on the shores of the Black Sea in the Crimea were established Greek colonies.
  • In the 3rd century on the territory of Crimea came Goths. In the 6th century Turks invaded the Crimea.
  • In the 8th century, part of the Crimea was under the control of Byzantium.
  • The Russian Prince Vladimir was baptized in the Crimea (in 988).
  • In the early 13th century Crimea captured Mongol-Tatars (Crimea steppe became part of the Golden Horde).
  • Since the late 15th century on the territory of Crimea was the Crimean Khanate.
  • As a result of Russian -Turkish war (1768-1774) Crimea became part of Russia. (April 8, 1783 Catherine II issued a manifesto on the adoption of the “Crimean peninsula” and Kuban as part of Russia. These lands were called Novorossia.)
  • By decision of the leaders of the USSR, Crimea was transferred to Ukraine (in the USSR) in 1954. Within a short period of time, the Crimea was part of Ukraine (first part of the USSR, and then as part of an independent state).
  • In March 2014 by the request of the majority of the population living in Crimea (referendum was held) it get back as the part of the Russian Federation. Ukraine considers this illegal and continues to consider Crimea as part of Ukraine. Most countries agree with the opinion of Ukraine regarding this.

Crimea mountains


Crimea began to be popular as a summer resort of the Russian elite in the late 19th century. Here were built summer residences: cottages, villas and palaces. Many of them remained in the Crimea until our time. In the days of the Soviet Union, the Crimea was a popular holiday destination among residents of large cities. Many holiday homes, resorts and camps for children (eg, Artek), hotels were built coast. The most popular summer holiday in the Crimea is the entire southern coast near cities Yalta, Alushta, Alupka, Feodosia, Sudak, Evpatoria.

Crimea decorative castle

Crimean resort regions

There may be allocated three resorts regions in the Crimea: Southern Coast, South-East Coast and the West Coast. Southern coast of Crimea is the most popular and prestigious place for a summer holiday. Big Yalta is the most expensive region of Crimea. It is believed that for children and families with young children best places are in the steppe part of Crimea peninsula. There is plainer coast topography (it is not easy to walk in the mountains with young children), the sea shore is more gentle. For families with small children often recommended beaches near cities Evpatoria and Feodosia.
The largest numbers of tourists come to the Crimea in July and August. Many believe the best time to holiday in the Crimea is September. At this time there is warm, comfortable weather and at the same time not so many tourists.

Southern coast of Crimea

Southern Coast of Crimea (Южный берег Крыма) is the most popular place for a summer holiday in the Crimea. The most famous cities in the region are Yalta and Alushta. Big Yalta is approximately 70 kilometers long of coastline, from Foros in the west to the Ayu-Dag in the east. There are many beaches, hotels, restaurants in this region. Bathing season in the region of Crimea lasts from late May to late October (if weather permitting). In this region of the Crimea during the peak tourist season are highest prices in hotels and restaurants. Some tourists are unhappy with the cleanliness of the beaches and water in the sea.

South-east coast of Crimea

The most well-known resorts of the Eastern Crimea coast are Feodosia, Sudak and Koktebel. Theodosius is often called one of the best places for holidays with children in Crimea. There are many nice beaches, water activities, the warm sea and lots of sun. Beaches of South-Eastern Crimea are mostly sand and gravel, with the addition of fine limestone. Summer here is a little more hot and dry. It is believed that housing and food prices in the region of Feodosia lower than in Yalta.

West Coast of the Crimea

The most famous resorts towns on the southwest coast of the Crimea are Evpatoria, Saki, Nikolaevka. Western Crimea is considered as a good place not only for recreation but also for treatment. There are places known for its healing mud. Evpatoria is popular with families with children. Beaches here often are sandy and fine-pebble. In Evpatoria are sandy beaches with flat bottom, more convenient and safe for children. The swimming season begins here in late May and lasts until mid-October. In the same part of the Crimea is also the city of Sevastopol.

Azov sea coast

On the Azov Sea coast are also located lots of nice beaches, hotels, guest houses. The Sea of Azov is finer compared to the Black Sea. Water in the Azov Sea in summer is usually warmer than the water in the Black Sea. The holiday season lasts from June to September.


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