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Polytechnic museum

The Polytechnic Museum in Moscow (rus: Политехнический музей) is one of the oldest science museums in the world. The museum was founded in 1872, after the first All-Russian technical exhibition. Polytechnic Exhibition exhibits have become the main part of the museum collection. It currently is the largest technical museum in Russia. The museum contains more than 190,000 objects, which can give an idea of science and technology development. The museum exhibits can help to understand the principles of some technical devices operation. The museum also has technical library.

The museum is under renovation right now. On 9 January 2013 permanent exhibitions of the museum were closed to visitors. There are plans to create the Museum of Science on the Polytechnic museum basis. It is interesting place for lovers of science, technology and history.

The Polytechnic Museum collections can be used as a source of information about the main stages and directions of development of a particular type of technology.
The museum has an interesting collection of vehicles: cars, motorcycles, bicycles.
The museum also has collection of electronic devices: phones, devices for recording and reproduction of sound, TV receivers, radios, telegraph devices.
The collection of computing equipment is the most comprehensive display in Russia and includes rare copyrights devices (one of the first models of Odner's adding machine, the world's only computer based on ternary logic).

Information for visitors

Due to renovation, the museum's collection is on display at several venues in the city from 2013. More information is available on the museum website. Opening of the Museum of Science is scheduled for 2018.

Venues addresses:

VDNKh Exhibition Center, Pavilion №26.
Technopolis "Moscow". Address: Moscow, Volgogradsky Prospekt 42, Building 5. (Metro station Tekstilshchiki.)
ZIL Cultural Centre. Address: Moscow, Vostochnaya Street, 4, building 1. Metro station "Avtozavodskaya".

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