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Museum of contemporary art in Moscow

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art is a museum of modern and contemporary art located in Moscow, Russia. It was the first opened in Russia state museum that specializes in the art of XX and XXI centuries. The museum was opened 15 December 1999. Founder and director of the museum is the famous sculptor Zurab Tsereteli. Initially, the main part of the museum collection was his personal collection of XX century famous artists works. The museum's collection was constantly replenished in subsequent years. Currently, the museum has one of the best collections of Russian art of XX century. The museum funds continue to grow. Some information for visitors can be found on our website.

The museum's collections are exhibited at several venues in the historical center of Moscow. The Moscow museum of contemporary and modern art main building is located at address Petrovka Street 25. There is located a permanent exhibition of the museum and some temporary exhibitions. Also the museum halls are located on Ermolaevsky Lane, Tverskaya Boulevard and historic building of the Russian Academy of Arts on Gogol Boulevard.

The museum features many works in the style of avant-garde art. The Moscow modern art museum exhibits mainly works of Russian authors. You can see Russian avant-garde art works of the early 20th century. There are works of such famous authors as Kazimir Malevich, Marc Chagall, Pavel Filonov, Wassily Kandinsky in the museum. The museum also has works of such famous artists as Pablo Picasso, Joan Miro, Salvador Dali, Arman, Henri Rousseau, Françoise Gilot.

The museum has been supporting contemporary artists and buys their works in its collection. There are regularly hosts exhibitions, which will be interesting for people interested in contemporary art.
The museum also has a School of Contemporary Art “Free Workshops” and an art studio for children “Fantasia”. The museum regularly hosts lectures and master classes.

Many creation, which the authors called works of contemporary art, raise doubts among the public. What is work of art and what does not? Some things are just a way to make money. Come and make your own opinion.

The museum official website:

The cost of a standard ticket ranges from 150 to 500 rubles (2016).

The museum fairgrounds address:

  • The main building of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art: Moscow, Petrovka Street, 25. The nearest metro stations: “Pushkinskaya”, “Chekhovskaya”.
  • Exhibit space of contemporary art museum located at Ermolaevsky Lane 17 (Ермолаевский переулок 17). The nearest metro station is “Mayakovskaya”.
  • Exhibit space of contemporary art museum located at “Tverskoy” Boulevard, 9. (“Zurab” gallery). The nearest metro station: Pushkinskaya.
  • National Museum of Modern Art of the Russian Academy of Arts. Address: Russia, Moscow, Gogolevsy Boulevard, 10. The nearest metro station is “Kropotkinskaya”.

Check the contemporary art museum location on the map of Moscow.

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