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Artillery museum

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In the Museum of Artillery in St. Petersburg The Military Historical Museum of Artillery, Engineers and Signal Corps in Saint Petersburg (also known as the Artillery Museum) is one of the biggest military museums in the world. The museum contains a large collection of cannons, missile weapons, small arms and blade weapons. The museum also has large collection of military equipment, military communications equipment, military banners, documents, and also large collection works of art. The Artillery Museum located in the historic center of Saint Petersburg, on the southern shore of Petrogradskiy Island, directly across the Kronverkskiy Strait from the Peter and Paul Fortress. This is one of the oldest museums of St. Petersburg.

In 1703, Peter the Great ordered to save the most interesting guns examples. Artillery arsenal was build to store it. This year is the year of the artillery museum founding. Over the years its collections have been replenished. The museum currently has exhibits which are associated not only with artillery, but also a variety of military equipment and machinery, communications equipment, small arms, as well as works of art. Historical Museum of Artillery, Engineer and Signal Corps expositions are placed in 13 halls with a total area over 17,000 square meters. There is a large amount of military equipment near the museum.

piter_tykki_2_150.jpg The museum has a large number of firearms and blade weapons samples from different countries. Visitors can see the personal arms of famous people (Emperors Alexander I and Nicholas II, Napoleon Bonaparte, Marshal J. Murat, Russian and Soviet military leaders). Special hall dedicated to types of weapons created by M.Kalashnikov.

Collection of artillery guns and mortars has over 1,200 items. The earliest dated museum exhibit is a German gun made in 1420. Near the museum, visitors can see the big guns and launchers of intercontinental missiles.

There are samples of the various communication equipments, which were used in warfare since ancient times.

Mode of operation (2016): the museum is open from 11.00 to 18.00. Museum is closed: Monday, Tuesday and last Thursday of the month.

Price of the entrance ticket (2016): 250 rubles for Russian citizens, 400 rubles for foreigners.

There are located next to the museum: Peter and Paul Fortress, Zoo.

Address: St. Petersburg, Alexandrovski Park, 7.

Check the Museum location on the Saint Petersburg map.

The nearest metro station: Gorkovskaya.

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