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The State Russian Museum

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Russian Museum in Saint Petersburg photo The State Russian Museum (Русский музей) is one of the most famous and one of the most visited museums in St. Petersburg. Collection of Russian museum has more than 400 000 exhibits. It is the largest museum of Russian art in the world. The main exhibition of the museum is located in the city center, in the Mikhailovsky Palace. The museum has several branches.

The State Russian Museum was founded in 1895 by Emperor Nicholas II. The museum was opened in March 1898. Russian Museum in St. Petersburg was the first Russian state Museum of Russian art. Before 1917, the museum was called "Museum of Russian Emperor Alexander III".

Museum got Russian works of art from different sources: Academy of Fine Arts, the Hermitage, the Winter Palace and other. Many of art works were acquired in private collections. Over the years the museum collection has got items from different sources.

Currently, the museum's collection includes more than 400,000 items. Museum artworks give an idea of development of Russian art for a period of more than 1000 years, from X to XXI century. Russian museum has exhibits that represent all types and genres of art. Here you can see icons of XII-XV centuries, paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints.

The main building of the museum is located in the city center, close to Nevsky Prospekt, at Arts Square (Площадь Искусств). The main museum building was built by architect Carlo Rossi in 1819-1825 years. The palace was designed for the Grand Duke Mikhail Pavlovich, the son of Emperor Paul I (Mikhailovsky Palace). In 1895 the building was purchased and transferred to the museum. The Mikhailovsky Palace and the adjacent buildings currently house the museum main exhibition. (Do not be confused. There is also Mikhailovsky Castle (Engineer's Castle) nearby).

A large number of objects are under the control of the Russian Museum are in the St. Petersburg: Mikhailovsky Palace, The Benois buiding, Mikhailovsky (Engineers') Castle and the park, Marble Palace, Stroganov Palace, the Summer Palace of Peter I, the Mikhailovsky Garden, Summer Garden and Peter I House.

Famous "Savior on the Spilled Blood" church is located near the Russian museum.

  • Mikhailovsky Palace. Address: Engenernaya street 4, Saint Petersburg, Russia.
    Nearest metro stations: "Gostiny Dvor", "Nevsky Prospect".
  • Benois wing. Address: Griboyedov Canal 2, Sait Petersburg. Nearest metro stations: "Gostini Dvor", "Nevsky Prospect".
  • Marble Palace. Address: Millionnaya Street 5/1. The nearest metro station "Nevsky Prospect".
  • Mikhailovsky Castle. Address: Sadovaya Street, 2. Nearest metro station: "Gostini Dvor", "Nevsky Prospect".
  • Stroganov Palace. Address: Nevsky Prospect, 17.
  • House of Peter I. Address: Petrovskaya embankment 6. The nearest metro station: "Gorkovskaya".

Cabin of Peter the Great

Wooden house of Peter I is the first built in St. Petersburg building. The house was built in three days, from 24 to 26 May 1703, near the banks of the River Neva. The house has a size of 12.7 x 5.7 meters and is built of pine logs. To safe the home and to eliminate the impact of weather, in 1723 over the house was built a protective canopy. Later protective structure rebuilt several times, and the house of Peter I was inside the protection building.
Since 1930, in the house of Peter I was opened the museum. In this museum you can see the personal belongings of Peter the Great. Cabin of Peter the Great is not far from the Peter and Paul Fortress.
Its location is marked on the map of Saint Petersburg.

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