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Fountains in St. Petersburg will start operate in April

Submitted by Visit Plus on Tue, 04/08/2014 - 12:24

Saint Petersburg "Vodocanal" announced plans to begin the fountains season in St. Petersburg on April 19. On the company official website was published information about fountains operating:
April 19 - Fountain "Ball" (Nevsky prospect, 56) and the fountain on Manezh Square (in the park).
April 20 - Fountain in the park near the Kazan Cathedral, a fountain at Voronikhin lattice.
April 21 - fountains in the square outside the Winter Palace, Alexander Garden, Admiralty, two fountains on the seventh line of Vasilievsky Island.
Also in April, will begin to operate also other fountains in different parts of the city. Part fountains will work from the 1st of May (fountains in Kronstadt, in a park near the arcade, near the Russian National Library).
Fountains on Moscow Square and Lenin Square (in front of Finland Station) is planned to start operating the 9th of May.

Water utility refers to the citizens and guests of St. Petersburg with a request to take good care of the fountains. Fountains annually suffer from vandalism. Why it is possible vandals in the city, which is sometimes called as the "Capital of Culture"? These are people who have not created anything but that spoil without regret that others have created in any city.


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