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Shopping brings together countries

Submitted by Visit Plus on Tue, 07/05/2011 - 22:23

K-CITYMARKET   Kotka Volume of sales goods at duty-free trade system (Tax free) in Finland has increased again this year. “Tax free” sales rose in January-June across the country. In total, during the first half of year sales amounted to almost 112 million euros. In the same period last year this figure amounted to approximately 75 million EUR.

Approximately one third of purchases with registration of Tax free is in Helsinki, about the same amount in Lappeenranta. The rest of the sales distributed over the various settlements near the Finnish-Russian border. Most of these purchases are clothing and footwear. Sales of computers and consumer electronics also significantly increased at this year.

Most buyers making out Tax free are tourists from Russia. Finland is situated close to the city of Petersburg, whose population is comparable with the number of people all over Finland. Buyers from Russia provided considerable support to companies trading in south-eastern Finland. Many Finnish companies are also seeking to enter the Russian market. For example retail chain is expanding its presence Prisma in St. Petersburg. According to reports published in the media group of companies Kesko also plans to open stores K-citymarket in St. Petersburg.


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