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Metro station "Parnas"

Metro station “Parnas” (Парнас) is located in the north of St. Petersburg. This is the last station of the “Moscowsko-Petrogradskaya” metro line (line 2, blue line) of St. Petersburg metro. Next to metro station is located a bus station “Parnas”.

St. Petersburg metro map and useful information The station was opened on December 22, 2006. Metro station “Parnas” is a ground station (similar design in St. Petersburg have the metro stations “Kupchino”, “Devyatkino” and “Rybatskoye”.) Station is equipped with lifts for the disabled people.

Some located to north of St. Petersburg area (where is located the station) has long had an informal name “Parnas” From the name of the territory was called Metro Station. Station design uses themes from Greek mythology. Station decorated stained glass art. On thestation stained glass windows depicted the goddess Nike, the chariot of the god Helios, “the abduction of Europa” and “Argonauts”.

In the picture metro station "Parnas" in St. Petersburg.
Metro station Parnas

There are some places of interest, located near the metro station “Parnas” in Saint Petersburg:

  • Industrial Area “Parnassus”. In the industrial zone “Parnas” are located many large and small businesses. One of the most famous companies located here is the brewery “Baltika”.
  • Bus station “Parnas”. The bus station is located near the exit of the subway station. Bus station serves buses that departs in the settlements, which are located to the north of St. Petersburg. Here you can get in Vyborg or Priosersk cities.
  • Residential area.

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Parnas metro station location on the map

Bus station "Parnas" is located near the metro station. In the picture ticket office and waiting room.
Bus station Parnas.


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