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“Gazpron Arena” football stadium in Saint Petersburg

The football stadium “Gazprom Arena” Island on “Krestovsky” Island in St. Petersburg is the main stadium of football club “Zenit”. This is the best football stadium in St. Petersburg and one of the best in Russia. The stadium is located in the central part of St. Petersburg, in the western part of the Krestovsky Island.

The name of the stadium at the end of 2018 is Gazprom Arena (also known as Zenit Arena, Stadium St. Petersburg, Krestovsky Stadium).

Construction of the stadium started in 2007. Permission to commissioning the stadium in operation was issued December 29, 2016. Construction works on the stadium will continue for some time.

New football stadium will be constructed on the place where previously the stadium named after SM Kirov was situated. The author of the new football stadium project is Japanese architect Kisho Kurokawa. The stadium will be designed only for football matches.

On the photograph: the stadium on Krestovsky island in Saint Petersburg.
the stadium Saint Petersburg on Krestovsky island

About stadium (not the final figures):

  • Capacity - up to 70 000 people.
  • Building height - 56.6 meters.
  • Number of floors - 8.
  • Floor area - 105.8 thousand m².
  • Size of a football field - 9840 m².
  • Weight sliding field - 11 400 tonnes.
  • Number of entries in the field - 2.

Due to the fact, that the climate of St. Petersburg is not good for maintaining a natural lawn in good condition all year round, the stadium field will be mobile.
The roof of the stadium is also made extensible. It will be possible to close Stadium roof if necessary (if required by the weather).
Construction of a stadium for the football club Zenit many times was the topic of publications in the media in St. Petersburg. The most discussed topics were: the date of construction completion, the cost of construction, the name of the stadium.

  • The stadium name has some variants: “Zenit arena”, “Gazprom- Arena”, “Krestovskiy” stadium, “Primorsky" stadium.
  • Stadium construction deadlines were repeatedly postponed. The was commissioned in December 2016.
  • The stadium construction cost was originally of 6.7 billion rubbles ($ 250 million). In May 2013, it was published that the construction of the stadium will cost 34 billion rubbles. Last voiced cost - 41 billion rubles.

Part of the 2017 Confederations Cup games scheduled to be held at the "Gazprom-Arena" stadium. Football Confederations Cup tournament has to go from 17 June to 2 July 2017 in Russia. On the days of international matches, it can be called "St. Petersburg-Arena".

You can see the stadium location on the map of Saint Petersburg.
The nearest metro station: “Zenit” The “Krestovskiy island” station is also relatively close..

Information about hotels located near the football stadium on Krestovsky Island in St. Petersburg.

Arena Hotel (3-star). Address: Footbalnaya Alleya, 8, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Hermes Park Hotel (4-star). Address: Naberezhnaya Martynova 36, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Hotel Park Krestovskiy. Address: Severnay Doroga, 12, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Parklane Resort and SPA. (4-star). Address: Riukhin Street, 9A, St. Petersburg, Russia.

It will be hardly possible to book a room at these hotels during the big football competitions.

In such cases, you should look for a suitable hotel along the green or purple subway lines.


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