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Metro station "Ladozhskaya"

Metro station "Ladozhskaya" is located in the eastern part of Saint Petersburg, on the right bank of the Neva River, near streets "Zanevsky prospect" and “Prospekt Energetikov” crossing place.

St. Petersburg metro map and useful information The station is located at “Pravoberezhnaya” line of the St. Petersburg metro (line 4, brown line), between stations "Novocherkasskaya" and "Prospect Bolshevikov". The station is located next to “Ladozhskyi voksal” railway station of St. Petersburg, which serves trains to north-east (Murmansk, Petrozavodsk, Arkhangelsk, Vorkuta) and trais Moscow - Helsinki.

Station ground lobby is located near intersection of “Zanevsky Prospect” and “Prospect Energetikov” streets, near “Ladozhskyi voksal” railway station. Near the station are main traffic arteries that connect the city center to the eastern part of the Saint Petersburg ring road (Zanevsky prospect and further along “Prospekt Kosygina”).

The station was opened on December 30, 1985. Station underground hall is located at depth 61 meters. Exit from the underground hall (escalators) located in the northern end of the station hall.

Near the metro station “Ladozhskaya” are located:

  • “Ladozhsky” railway station.
  • Shopping center "Zanevsky cascade."
  • Mini-hotel “Brigit na Ladozhskoy” (address Utkin Prospect 13).

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For more information on travelling via the Saint Petersburg metro, please visit the VISIT-PLUS St. Petersburg metro page.



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