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Metro station “Kievskaya” in Moscow

Metro station “Kievskaya” (Киевская) in Moscow is located at a distance about 3.5 – 4 kilometers to west from city center (Red Square and Moscow Kremlin). The station is located near the “Kievski voksal” railway station, “Kievskaya” Street and “Ploshchad Evropy” (Europe square). Station is located also near the Moscow River.
“Kievskaya” metro station is a major transportation hub. “Kievskaya” stations are situated on three lines of the Moscow metro: “Filevskaya” line, “Arbatsko-pokrovskaya” line, “Koltsevaya” line (Circle line). This is one of the busiest (by number of passengers) station of the Moscow metro.

“Kievskaya” metro station (Filevskaya line)

Moscow metro map Metro station “Kievskaya” of Moscow subway “Filevskaya” line is located between the stations “Smolenskaya”, “Studencheskaya” and “Vistavochnaya”. The station was opened on March 20, 1937. Station is located at 8.7 meters depth. From this station is possible to go to the same name stations of the “Koltsevaya” (Circle) metro line and “Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya” metro line through combined lobbies (via the western vestibule to Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya line, through the eastern vestibule to “Koltsevaya” line) .

“Kievskaya” metro station (Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya line)

“Kievskaya” metrostation of Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya line in Moscow is located between stations "Smolenskaya" and "Park Pobedy". The station was opened on April 5, 1953. The station is located under 38 meters depth. Station hall decorations devoted theme of Soviet Ukraine.

From the station, you can go to the same name stations of “Koltsevaya” line and “Filevskaya” line. Station vestibule is located in “Kievski Voksal” railway station building (shared with “Koltsevaya” line subway station). There are stairs that lead out to the city and up to the station of Filevskaya line at the west end of the station hall.

“Kievskaya” metro station (Circle line)

“Kievskaya” metro station of “Koltsevaja” line (Circle Line) is located between the stations “Krasnopresnenskaya” and “Park Kultury”. The station was opened on March 14, 1954. Station is located at 53 meters depth. At station decoration was used the theme of the history of Ukraine and the friendship between the Ukrainian and Russian peoples. The end wall of the central hall of the station is a large mural with images of flags and a mosaic portrait of Lenin.

Near the metro station “Kievskaya” in Moscow are located:

  • ”Kievsky voksal” railway station. One of the major railway stations in Moscow.
  • Shopping Mall "Europeyski" - one of the biggest in Moscow (address: Moscow, Kievsky railway station square, Building 2 ) .
  • "Radisson Slavyanskaya" hotel.

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Kievskaya metro station location on the map of Moscow.

Kievskaya  metro station location on the map


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