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Greece expects the number of tourists increasing in 2014

Submitted by Visit Plus on Thu, 05/15/2014 - 13:31

Greece expects the number of tourists increasing in 2014. It is predicted that the country can visit more than 20 million tourists. A significant increase in the number of tourists was also in 2013. Revenue of the tourism industry in 2013 increased by 16.4% and was amounting to 12.2 billion euros. More tourists came to Greece from Germany (2013: +7.5%), France (2013: 17.9%), Russia (+54.7% in 2013) and U.S. (24.8% 2013).

Main reason that caused the increase in the number of tourists is called economic growth in the EU. It is expected that many tourists will come in Greece also this year, refused to spend a holiday in Egypt or the Crimea. The Greek Government is also making significant efforts to attract tourists.
Tourism is one of the most important sectors of Greece's economy. Tourism creates a lot of jobs and provides significant revenue. There is everything that interests the majority of tourists in Greece: warm sea, favorable climate, a large number of attractions and tasty food.

Along with beach tourism marked increase in the number of visitors in museums and historical sites of Greece. Number of visitors in museums has increased by 11.8% in January 2014. New Acropolis Museum (Athens) visited 51.580 people, compared with 42,622 in January 2013 (up 21%). National Archaeological Museum visited 19209 people (18950 in the same month in 2013, up to 1.4%). Archaeological sites in the month of January 2014 showed an increase in visitors to 29.1%. But in some places there was a reduction of visitors (e.g., Acropolis of Lindos on Rhodes - 44.6%).

Beach lovers in Greece attract Mediterranean and nice beaches. In 2014, 408 beaches in Greece received a so-called “Blue Flag” for cleanliness, convenience, safety (393 beaches in 2013). For this indicator, Greece ranked second among 51 countries. First place get Spain.


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