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Metro Station Teatralnaya in Moscow

Metro station “Teatralnaya” (Театральная) in Moscow is located in the center of the city, under “Teatralnaya” (Theatre) Square. The station is located on the Zamoskvoretskaya metro line (line 2, green line), between stations “Tverskaya” and “Novokuznetskaya”. Metro Station “Teatralnaya” is connected with stations “Okhotny Ryad” and “Ploshchad Revolutsii”. Near the metro station are located “Bolshoi Theater” and “Maly” theater of Moscow.

The station opened on 11 September 1938. Station underground hall is located at a depth of 35 meters. Structurally, the station consists of three parallel tunnels, which are interconnected by passages. The central hall has a diameter of 9.5 meters. Overall platform width is 22.5 meter; the distance between the tracks - 25.4 meters. Arch height is 5.3 meters. The total length of the platform is 155 meters.

Moscow metro map Station “Teatralnaya” in Moscow is the center of a major transportation hub. From this station is possible to go to the metro stations “Okhotny Ryad” of Sokolnicheskaya line and “Ploshchad Revolutsii” (Revolution Square” of Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya line. To get to each of these stations is possible through an underpass and through common ground vestibules.
Metro Station Theater has two ground lobbies.
Southern lobby is in common use with “Ploschad Revolutsii” metro station and is located at the Revolution Square.
Northern vestibule of “Teatralnaya” station is common with station “Okhotny Ryad”. This vestibule is built into the located at the intersection of “Bolshaya Dmitrovka” and “Teatralny proyezd” streets house, on the edge of the Teatralnaya Square.

There are some places of interest, located near the metro station “Teatralnaya” in Moscow:

  • Bolshoi Theatre. Address: Theatre Square 1.
  • State Academic Maly Theater of Russia. Address: “Teatralny proyezd” street 1.
  • Russian Academic Youth Theatre. Address: Teatralnaya Square 2.
  • Moscow Operetta. Bolshaya Dmitrovka Street 6.
  • The Moscow Chekhov Art Theatre.
  • Moscow State Exhibition Hall. “Georgievsky pereulok” street, 3.
  • Red Square.
  • Moscow Kremlin.
  • The State Historical Museum.
  • Hotel “Moskva”. Okhotny Ryad Street, 2.
  • Hotel “Metropol”. Theatre Way, 2.
  • “CUM” department store. Petrovka Street 2.

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