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GUM Department Store in Moscow

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GUM (State Department Store, ГУМ) is one of the most famous shopping centers in Moscow. The shop is located in the heart of Moscow, on the “Red Square”, opposite the Kremlin. GUM is also one of the oldest shops in Moscow. The shopping center building is one of the architectural landmarks of Moscow.
At the shopping mall GUM is possible to buy fashionable clothes, shoes, jewelry created by the best world designers. Here sells products of most famous brands. The store also has a cinema and restaurants.

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At the GUM shopping mall are located shops that sell pretty expensive, luxury goods. Coming to Moscow tourists come here not only to make the purchase, but also to see the store as one of the sights of Moscow. Not rich buyers usually choose other places for shopping in Moscow.

The nearest metro stations are “Ploschad Revolytsii”, “Okhotny Ryad”, “Kitay-gorod”.

  • Official WEB site of the GUM shopping mall:
  • Location of this shopping mall you can also see on the tourist map of Moscow.

There are several cafes in the department store GUM. Among the most popular are cafes "Festivalnoye" and "Canteen №57" (on the 3rd floor).

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