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MEGA shopping malls

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“Mega” shopping centers chain in Russia belongs to a large company IKEA. IKEA has shopping centers in many European countries. Shopping malls “MEGA” are a popular place for shopping. There ara many popular shops in shopping centers MEGA in Russia: IKEA (furniture and household goods), OBI (household goods, maintenance, construction), Auchan. There are many shops selling fashionable clothes, shoes, accessories. There are three major shopping centers MEGA in Moscow (2014): “MEGA Teply Stan”, “MEGA Khimki” and “MEGA Belaya Dacha”.
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MEGA “Belaya Dacha”

Shopping center “Mega Belaya Dacha” is the largest shopping center of IKEA in Moscow. Until the summer of 2010 it was the largest shopping center in Moscow and in Russia. The total area of shopping center “Mega Belaya Dacha” is 300 thousand square meters. In shopping mall you will find many shops, including: IKEA, Auchan, Stockman, “M. Video”, OBI, MediaMarkt. The shopping center has a cinema “Kinostar IMAX New York”.
The shopping mall is located on the south-east of Moscow, near the intersection of Ring Road and “Novoegorevskoye shosse” highway.
Address: “Mega Belaya Dacha”, Moscow region, 14 km MKAD, Lyuberetskiy district, Kotelniki, “Pokrovsky proyezd”, 51.

The nearest metro station Zhulebino located approximately 3 kilometers from the shopping center. (Metro station Kotelniki will be located at a distance of 1.9 kilometers.)
You can check the location of the shopping center on the map of Moscow.

MEGA Teply Stan

“Mega Teply Stan” was the first opened in Moscow “Mega” shopping center. In the shopping center are located many shops including Ikea, OBI (household goods), Auchan (supermarket), Stockmann, as well as a cinema and entertainments for children.
MEGA Teply Stan is located in the south-west of Moscow, near the Moscow Ring Road, near the intersection of Ring Road and the Kaluga road.
Address: Moscow, Sosenskiy village, 21-t kilometer of Kaluga highway (or 41-km of Ring Road).
The nearest Moscow metro station is “Teply Stan”.

MEGA Khimki

“MEGA Khimki” shopping mall located in the north-west part of Moscow, near the intersection of Leningrad highway and Moscow ring road, not far from Sheremetyevo Airport (approximately 6 km). Nearest metro stations are "Rechnoy Voksal" and "Planernaya".
Address: Moscow region, Khimki, IKEA neighborhood, housing 2.

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