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“Vegas” shopping malls in Moscow

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Shopping malls “Vegas” running company “Crocus Group”. Under the control of “Crocus Group” in Moscow are also: International Exhibition Centre “Crocus Expo”, concert hall “Crocus City Hall”, “Crocus City Mall”, shopping malls “Vegas”, residential and office real estate, restaurants, hypermarket chain.

Shopping and entertainment center “Vegas Crocus City”

Shopping and entertainment center “Vegas Crocus City” is one of the biggest shopping centers in Moscow. The shopping center has a large number of shops, a multiplex cinema, many cafes (food court) and 2,800 parking spaces. It is located next to a concert hall and International Exhibition Center “Crocus Expo”.

The shopping mall located in the north-west part of Moscow, near the intersection of Moscow Ring Road and the “Volokolamskoye shosse” highway. Close to shopping and entertainment center are located metro station “Myakinino” (it is planned intrance directly in the VEGAS shopping mall).
Address: Russia, Moscow, 67th km. of MKAD, Vegas Crocus City.

Shopping mall Vegas Kashirskoye

Shopping mall Vegas on “Kashirskoye shosse” street is located in the south of Moscow, near the intersection of Moscow Ring Road and “Kashirskoye shosse” highway. In 2011, the shopping center was recognized as the largest in Europe. At the shopping mall “Vegas Kashirskoye” besides a large number of shops are located an amusement park, an ice rink, karting, “Luxor” cinema and “Auchan” hypermarket.
The nearest metro station Domodedovskaya is approximately 2.6 kilometers from the shopping center. Get to the mall possible by free shuttle from the metro station Domodedovskaya, Marino, Bulvar Dmitriya Donskogo.

Shopping mall VEGAS Kuncevo

Shopping mall “VEGAS Kuntsevo” is planned to be built to 2016. Shopping center will be located in the western part of Moscow - between “Mozhaiskoye shosse” street and Rublevo-Uspenskoye highway.

Shopping malls “Vegas” location is marked on the Moscow map.

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