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Architecture, culture and beaches are the most attractive in Barcelona

Submitted by Visit Plus on Thu, 07/03/2014 - 10:19

Barcelona is one of the most attractive tourist cities in Europe and in Spain. What is the most popular with tourists in Barcelona? City Administration regularly monitors preferences of tourists. One of poll results were recently published. Attractiveness of various aspects of the city was rated on a scale from 1 to 10. First three places in the popularity ranking took architecture, culture and beaches.

Beaches of Barcelona climbed to third place in the ranking of popularity for the first time in history. It's a bit unexpected. There are many great beaches on the territory of Catalonia. Beach lovers usually prefer the coastal areas of the Mediterranean Sea located at a distance from the big cities. Tourists usually come to search sights, fun activities, shopping in big cities like Barcelona.

Sagrada Familia Barcelona architecture attractions predictably take the first place in the ranking preferences of tourists. Famous works of Gaudí really worth it to look at them. (If you are in Barcelona make sure you go to the Sagrada Familia.)

Culture is on second place in the ranking. There are many interesting museums and art galleries in Barcelona. For example: the Picasso Museum and the Museum of FC Barcelona. A lot of interesting events is held for tourists every year here. For example, Barcelona was the venue for the World Expo and the venue for the Olympics. Architectural attractions attract tourists to the city, but the events in the sphere of culture make them come back again and again.

Look some points of Barcelona attractions popularity ranking 2013 (indicated by the number of points).

  1. Architecture - 9.21
  2. Culture - 8.82
  3. Beaches - 8.75
  4. Character of the local people - 8.71
  5. Shopping - 8.60
  6. Entertainment - 8.51
  7. Infrastructure - 8.50
  8. Signage and information - 8.50
  9. Hotels - 8.44
  10. Restaurants - 8.44
  11. Public transport - 8.34

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