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VDNKh exhibition center

Exhibition Centre "VDNKh" in Moscow is one of the largest exhibition centers in Russia, the second largest exhibition center in Moscow. Exhibition Centre VDNKh (ВДНХ) was the most famous exhibition center in Soviet Union. Currently, it may be considered as one of the sights of Moscow. The total area of “VDNKh” is over 235 hectares. The total area of pavilions is 134,000 m ². The exhibition center is visited by over 20 million people annually. At the VDNKh territory is held more than 100 exhibitions every year. It is a popular place for spending free times on weekends in Moscow.

VDNH Moscow

VDNKh Exhibition Centre is located on the north-east part of Moscow, at the intersection of “Prospect Mira” and “Prospekt Cosmonauts” streets. The nearest metro station is “VDNKh”.

The exhibition center was opened in 1939. During its exis tence it repeatedly changed names (Agricultural Exhibition, Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy of the USSR, Russia Exhibition Center, VDNKh).

The Friendship of Nations fountain

On the photo: Fountain The Friendship of Nations at VDNH.

At the VDNKh territory is located many attractions and monuments of Soviet times. For example: the sculpture “Worker and Collective Farm Girl” (sculptor Vera Mukhina), fountain “USSR peoples friendship”, fountain “Stone Flower”, the model of space roket “Vostok”. In the VDNKh territory are daily held guided tours (cost 300 rubles in 2014).
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Copy of space rocket at VDNH

Entrance to the VDNKh is free (2014).
There are several entrances to the territory.
The main entrance. Address: Prospect Mira, 121.
Nearest metro station: “VDNKh”.
Monorail station: “Exhibition Centre”.

Monument to space explorers

On the photo: Monument to space explorers near VDNH in Moscow.

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